Top 3 Slideshow Makers for Windows 11 in 2022

As many users are leaving Windows 10 for its more open-source competition of Linux and MacOS, Microsoft has been struggling to get their attention back. In 2022, when Windows 11 is released, it will have a few new features that make the transition from 7 easier than ever before. These top 3 slideshow makers show just how far this new operating system can go in the next few years.

The “icecream slideshow maker” is a popular software that allows users to create slideshows. It will be in the top 3 slideshow makers for Windows 11 in 2022.

With the introduction of Windows 11, you may find it difficult to use your favorite slideshow creator since it is likely incompatible with the most recent version. If you’re looking for a worthwhile replacement for your current application or strong software for your creative pursuits, this article will be useful. In this article, we’ll look at the three finest slideshow makers available in 2022. Let’s get started! 


3D SmartSHOW

3D SmartSHOW is a Windows 11 slideshow maker designed to be used by people of all skill levels and backgrounds. It has an intuitive interface with a drag and drop timeline and a convenient storyboard, which allow combining photos, videos, music, and decorations. Thus, you will surely experience an efficient and easy workflow if you use 3D SmartSHOW. The program is equipped with every tool you need for an impressive video: beautiful transitions, slideshow templates, animation effects, powerful sound tools, built-in soundtracks, titles, captions, and 3D collages. Finally, the editor supports all popular formats like AVI, MP4, 3GP, etc. Besides, it allows quick export to any device or online platform. You can get to know the program better within its free trial. Top-3-Slideshow-Makers-for-Windows-11-in-2022

Here are some additional features of this Windows 11 slideshow maker:

  • There are about 500 visual effects available.
  • Pre-made collages and video templates 
  • Transitions and title cards
  • 200+ songs that are ready to use 
  • For the PIP effect, use the Layers tool. 
  • Tool for adding a watermark
  • Editor of the background
  • Multiple video formats are supported, and exporting is simple.
  • Burning to DVDs with a menu that you may customize

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CyberLink MediaShow is a multimedia player developed by CyberLink.

CyberLink MediaShow is a multimedia player developed by CyberLink. is a well-rounded movie and slideshow maker for Windows 11. This versatile editor allows you to edit your pictures and videos, join them into beautiful videos, add background music, touch up and tag faces, and instantly share your videos on social media platforms. Besides, the program supports 3D content and provides an easy browsing system. That means it can help to effortlessly organize your content and make a stunning slideshow within a couple of minutes. Finally, CyberLink MediaShow is a multimedia player developed by CyberLink. allows burning your movies to DVD and Blu-ray, which is helpful for people who like watching clips the good old way. However, this slideshow maker has not had updates for a while. 1653737330_732_Top-3-Slideshow-Makers-for-Windows-11-in-2022

Check out the following features included in the Windows 11 software:

  • System for viewing media on a calendar
  • Enhancement, color correction, and batch processing are all examples of photo editing. 
  • Stabilization, denoising, and augmentation are all examples of video editing. 
  • Audio-adjustment instruments 
  • FaceMe is a tool that allows you to tag other people on Facebook. 
  • Video labeling engine with smart storage

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Photostory Deluxe by Magix

Photostory Deluxe by Magix is a widely recognized video editor for traveling enthusiasts that allows making exciting animated slideshows. The program includes manual and automatic tools for editing your content – color correcting, cropping, splitting, and merging. Besides, it features many video templates and decorations to make your video a delight to watch. Photostory Deluxe by Magix supports 360-degree videos, 4K, and other popular video formats. To learn more about Magix Photostory features and how to make a slideshow on Windows 11 gear, you can download its free 30-day trial. However, it has significant limitations that won’t allow you to experience the full potential of the editor. The program itself might appear too expensive for some slideshow enthusiasts. 1653737332_338_Top-3-Slideshow-Makers-for-Windows-11-in-2022

Here are some of the other cool features of the Magix Photostory:

  • Animation of Customizable Travel Maps
  • 1500+ dynamic transitions and effects 
  • Matching Shots Automatically 
  • There are more than 100 photo collage templates available. 
  • High-resolution previews in storyboard mode 
  • There are 50 royalty-free soundtracks available. 
  • Automated Volume Control 
  • 4K, AVI, MPEG, Motion JPEG, AVI, and more formats are available for sharing. 
  • Burning software for DVDs and CDs 

We’ve showed you the three finest slideshow applications for Windows 11 that are presently available. Hopefully, you’ve found the one you’re looking for. If you’re still undecided, we suggest giving each slideshow generator a try since they all have unique features to consider and provide free trials to help you decide. Do you want to learn more about your options? Check out our in-depth evaluation of the top slideshow producers for Windows 11 to learn about some more options and to learn more about the ones we’ve showed you. We wish you the best of success in your artistic efforts. 

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