3 Easy Ways to Fix We’re Processing This Video Error in 2022

When YouTube’s video sharing platform encountered a sudden error in 2022, it was only able to display the first four letters of each word on screen. The company attempted to fix this problem by building an algorithm that would use machine learning and artificial intelligence to read its users’ captions aloud when they were watching videos.

The “we’re processing this video. please check again later.” is a common error that can be fixed in 3 easy ways.

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On the 30th of May, 2022, it was published.

  • When you see the text “We’re processing this video,” it means “We’re processing this video.” Please return at a later time, as the video will take some time to process.
  • If the issue on Google Drive does not go away on its own, try re-logging in or clearing the browser cache, among other things.
  • You may deactivate browser extensions that control uploads or attempt the various workarounds for the same problem on YouTube.


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Both Google Drive and YouTube are excellent video storage and sharing services. When contrasted to the latter, the former is more intimate. However, on both of these platforms, a number of users have experienced problems. This video is still being processed. Error: Please return later.

This happens when you attempt to watch a video on one of these sites, and there are a number of reasons behind it. The issue might be caused by a variety of circumstances, including Internet speed or the platform’s server.

However, like with other difficulties, we’re working on this video. The error “please check back later” can also readily fixed using a few simple approaches.

How long does it take Google Drive to process a video?

This question has no definitive solution. It’s akin to wondering how long it would take to get from one location to another. There are various elements at play, and if they all work out in our favor, we may be able to come up with a number, but it will just be an estimate.

Processing a 50MB movie, for example, should take 2-5 minutes, whereas processing a 1 GB video should take 10-15 minutes on average. It might take hours to process a big number of movies. This provides you an indication of how long it will take us to process this video. Please return later to see whether a mistake has occurred.


But, once again, nothing is certain. Before uploading and editing the movie, Google Drive makes many modifications to it in order to make it available across devices. In addition, if you have a lot of modifications to make over a slow connection, you may notice a longer processing time.

Another important consideration is the performance of your gadget. It will take longer if the one you’re using to access Google Drive is completely full. So, in order to shorten the video processing time on Google Drive, be sure to improve your computer’s speed.

This should give you a rough indication of how long it takes Google Drive to process a video. Let’s look at the most effective options instead. This video is still being processed. Error: Please return later.

How do you repair it? This video is still being processed. Could you please come back later?

Amazon-Appstore-Not-Available-in-Your-Country-on-Windows-11 NOTE

All of the browser-related fixes mentioned below are for Google Chrome and should give you a good idea of what’s going on. If you’re using a different browser, go to its official page to find out how to do it.

On Google Drive, for example.

1.1 Sign in to your Google Account again.

  1. Click on the Sign out button after clicking on your Profile symbol in the top-right corner.1653933888_210_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error
  2. Re-enter your login credentials to sign in after you’ve logged out.

Check whether you can view the video that demonstrated the problem previously once you’ve signed back into Google Drive. This video is still being processed. Error: Please return later.

1.2 Delete the cache and cookies in your browser

  1. To open the History section of your browser, use Ctrl + H.
  2. Then, on the left, choose the Clear browsing data option.1653933889_69_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error
  3. Now, from the Time range dropdown menu, choose the appropriate selection, untick the option for Browsing history, and then click Clear data at the bottom. 1653933889_87_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error
  4. After clearing the data, restart the browser to see the changes take effect.

This video is being processed in the majority of situations. If the problem was caused by a corrupt browser cache, the message “please check back later” should now be gone.

1.3 Save the video to your computer

  1. Select the Get link option from the context menu when right-clicking on the video that is causing the issue.1653933890_226_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error
  2. Now, click the Copy link button, choose the appropriate sharing options from the dropdown menu, and then click Done.1653933891_934_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error
  3. To receive the video, paste the URL you copied into a new tab and click the Download symbol in the top-right corner.1653933891_735_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error

If you’re attempting to watch a video and it’s not working, This video is still being processed. A easy fix for the please check back later problem is to download it. Others can also download it if the correct sharing settings are in place, even if Google Drive hasn’t finished processing it yet.

If none of the above approaches worked, you may use reputable video compression software, and after the film’s size is decreased, it should be processed swiftly on Google Drive.

Expert Tip: Some PC problems, such as damaged repositories or missing Windows files, are difficult to resolve. If you’re having problems repairing a mistake, it’s possible that your system is partly broken. Restoro is a tool that will scan your computer and determine the source of the problem. To download and begin mending, go here.

One of the three essential criteria that affects processing time is video size, with the other two being Internet speed and device performance.

As a result, you should be able to get rid of the We’re processing this video message from now on. Please try again later, or at the very least, be able to see the video.

More information about this subject may be found here.

2. Watch it on YouTube

2.1 Make a browser update

  1. Select About Google Chrome from the flyout menu by clicking the ellipsis at the top-right corner, hovering the mouse over Help, then clicking the ellipsis.1653933892_449_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error
  2. If a browser update is available, it will now be downloaded automatically.1653933892_529_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error
  3. To make the changes take effect, click the Relaunch button when the browser has been updated.1653933893_694_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error

2.2 Make use of a reputable VPN

If you’re using a VPN, this might be the cause of the We’re processing this video error. Error: Please return later. You may confirm this by removing it and replacing it with a dependable and functional VPN.

Several VPNs have been known to limit Internet speed, which is one of the most probable causes of the problem. To avoid the issue, use a VPN that lets you retain optimum Internet speed when switching servers.

If you’re not sure where to start looking for a reliable open-source VPN, we suggest Private Internet Access (PIA).

It uses the WireGuard tunnel protocol and is totally open-source, making it ideal for use with the award-winning VPN service.

For a stable and speedy connection, you may set up a WireGuard tunnel to connect instantly at startup, opening a port and forwarding it to transmission.

2.3 Disable any browser extensions that are connected to uploading.

  1. Select Manage extensions from the Extensions button in the browser’s toolbar.1653933893_2_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error
  2. Now, under the upload-related extension, click the Remove option.1653933894_878_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error
  3. In the confirmation window that appears, click Remove once again.1653933895_632_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error

If any of the browser extensions you installed deal with uploads, it’s time to uninstall them to repair the We’re processing this video error. On YouTube, there is a “please check back later” error. Some of them have been known to interfere with the YouTube upload process, so it’s better to deactivate them altogether.

How can I make Google Drive process faster?

  1. Select Settings from the menu by clicking on the ellipsis at the top-right corner.1653933895_422_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error
  2. Then, to see the tabs underneath it, pick the Advanced option.1653933896_310_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error
  3. The System tab should be selected.1653933896_582_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error
  4. Make sure the option to use hardware acceleration when it’s available is turned on. If you haven’t already done so, click the toggle to do so.1653933897_641_3-Easy-Ways-to-Fix-Were-Processing-This-Video-Error

This is one of the easiest methods for speeding up Google Drive processing, among many others. You may also attempt the solutions described above, such as compressing the video, deleting conflicting extensions, or emptying the browser cache.

All of these options are available to you. This video is still being processed. When browsing newly posted videos on Google Drive and YouTube, you will see a lease check back later problem.

Also, don’t hesitate to look into the finest Google Drive competitors with fast processing times for backing up your data swiftly and securely.

In the comments area below, please let us know which repair worked and what platform you were using when you encountered the problem.

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The “we’re processing this video youtube” is a common error that has been present for a while. There are 3 easy ways to fix the issue.

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