Edge Collections not syncing in Windows 11? Try these fixes

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft which replaced Internet Explorer as the default in Windows 10. It has been designed to provide compatibility with modern web standards and tabs, while also providing extensions that make it easier for users to create websites and add-ons. However, many have reported difficulties when downloading or synchronizing content from Edge collections such as books or magazines. In this article we’ll walk you through some potential solutions if your collection has not synced since updating Windows 11 on your computer.

The “edge favorites not syncing across devices” is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released 10 fixes to fix the issue.


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  • If the Collections feature in Microsoft Edge isn’t chosen from the Sync list within the browser, it could not sync with your devices.
  • To resolve the problem, make sure you’re signed in with the same account on all of your devices.
  • Signing in using a local account, namely a Microsoft account, is another option.



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Microsoft Edge has swiftly established itself as one of the most capable web browsers on the market. It receives several features and performance accolades on a regular basis, but one in particular stands out for users who need to interface with multiple devices.

Without a doubt, we’re talking about the Microsoft Edge sync function, which is a handy feature that makes our lives much simpler.

Because we regularly move from working on a Windows PC to surfing the web on a mobile Android smartphone or an iPhone, we would be lot slower at our professions if we didn’t have it.

After we explore what the Collections feature is all about, we’ll see how to troubleshoot Collections synchronization in Microsoft Edge on computers and smartphones.

What are the functions of Microsoft Edge Collections?

Collections in Microsoft Edge may help you keep track of your ideas while you’re gathering information on the web, whether you’re shopping, planning a vacation, collecting notes for research or lesson plans, or just wishing to pick up where you left off the last time you were perusing the Internet.


It can help you with whatever you’re doing on the Internet, and you can sync your Collections across all of your signed-in devices, so even if you use Microsoft Edge on many devices, your Collections will always be updated.

In return for your permission, Microsoft Edge will look for Pinterest recommendations to add to your Collections. You’ll notice an option to enable Pinterest recommendations when you first launch the feature.

When you scroll down to the bottom of your Collection, you’ll get Pinterest suggestions if there is relevant material. When you click on a proposal, you’ll be sent to the Pinterest Topic page for that topic.

If you have the Show ideas from Pinterest option selected, it will do a Microsoft Bing search using the title of your Collection to find similar Pinterest Topic pages.

What can I do if Collections in Windows 11 don’t sync?

1. Use a local account to log in.

  1. To launch the Settings app, press Windows key + I, then go to Accounts on the left panel, followed by Your information on the right.1642054032_120_Edge-Collections-not-syncing-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes
  2. Now scroll down until you see the option to sign in using a local account instead, and choose it.1642054032_799_Edge-Collections-not-syncing-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes
  3. Select your Microsoft account, input your password, then restart your computer to take effect.

After logging into the same local account on all of your other devices, you can verify whether the Collections feature is synchronizing with them.

2. Enable synchronizing of collections from the Edge.

  1. Enter Edge, choose your icon, and then Manage profile settings from the drop-down menu.1642054033_301_Edge-Collections-not-syncing-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes
  2. Now choose the Sync option, then scroll down to the Collections option and flip the toggle next to it on.1642054033_635_Edge-Collections-not-syncing-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes

After restarting Edge, check to see whether Collections synchronization is functioning on all of your devices. Remember to use the same account for all of your online activities.

3. The SettingsSyncHost.exe process should be restarted.

  1. To launch Task Manager, concurrently press CTRL + ALT + DELETE on your keyboard, then click on it.1642054034_564_Edge-Collections-not-syncing-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes
  2. Now locate the SettingsSyncHost.exe process, right-click it, and choose End Task.1642054034_150_Edge-Collections-not-syncing-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes
  3. On the top left, choose File, then Run New Task, then enter SettingsSyncHost.exe and press Enter to restart the procedure.1642054035_923_Edge-Collections-not-syncing-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes

In rare cases, it’s conceivable that the SettingsSyncHost.exe process isn’t working correctly. Ending and resuming the job will give it a new start and delete any problems encountered along the way.

Why should I use Microsoft Edge on Windows 11?

Edge is Windows 11’s default browser, and it’s the only one that can view certain Microsoft-specific URLs.

You can simply change the default settings without too much trouble, but after you’ve seen what the new Edge has to offer, you may not want to. It also has a built-in web viewer, which is supplied by the WebView2 component, for programs that need to connect to the Internet.

Edge is currently accessible on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, and macOS, as well as previous versions of Microsoft’s operating system. As a result, beginning with Windows 11, you’ll be able to sync settings and more across all of those platforms.


Every piece of software in Windows 11 has been updated, including the browser app. It uses the Fluent design language more than Windows 10, and to a greater degree than the latter.

Mica is a subtle new design material used by the browser that changes the look of an element, such as the title bar, based on the color of the window or desktop on which it is positioned.

The privacy settings in Edge are simple to use. It’s true that there’s a trade-off with most selections in life: the more safe and private your privacy level, the less site features and functionality you’ll get.

Online clipping applications and addons for organizing web research have been available for quite some time. Edge’s Collections feature, on the other hand, is one of the most simple and effective. A top toolbar button may also be used to trim web pages.

People nowadays do a lot of their shopping online, and their browsers give options to assist them in saving money. Edge will automatically identify discount codes for you to spare you from having to search the Internet for coupon codes for the retail sites you frequent.

Before picking which web browser to use, learn more about Microsoft Edge’s new style and functionality.

Edge, like anything else in life, may run into problems from time to time. If you’re having trouble with Microsoft Edge on Windows 11, have a look at our tutorial on how to repair it.

Finally, changing the default browser in Windows 11 is a crucial step that you should not skip if you want your links to open in the program you want.

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The “edge waiting for sync url” is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released 11 fixes to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync edge collections?

A: The easiest way is to sync your collections online.

How do I fix Microsoft Edge not syncing?

A: Unfortunately, Microsoft Edge is not able to sync with its internet connection. In order to fix this issue, ensure that you are running the latest version of Windows 10 and try rebooting your computer. If these steps do not work for you then it may be a more serious issue that needs professional help from an IT technician.

Do Microsoft Edge collections sync?

A: Edge collections are not synced. This is because Microsoft does not currently support them, and no plans have been made to add this feature in the future.

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