Tips to Have an Uninterrupted Gaming Experience at Home

If you’re experiencing a frustrating lag when playing video games, one of the first things to try is lowering your graphics settings. If that doesn’t help, make sure you have an internet connection with a good upload speed and low latency. I’ll also mention some other tips below!

The “how to increase phone performance for gaming” is a guide that will teach you how to have an uninterrupted gaming experience at home.

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Even if you have the greatest gaming machine, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to play for hours at a time at home. Check for apps operating in the background if you’re playing games and you’re encountering lagging or getting entirely dropped out of a game. If you’re fortunate, this will solve your problem, so you can play without interruptions. 

If you’re playing online survival games as a pastime or competitively, you won’t be able to win if your connection is weak. Your internet and router, in most situations, are to blame for the issues you’re having. 


Router Problems and Recommendations

Most people’s go-to “troubleshooting” solution when their games suddenly slow is to reset the router and pray to the internet Gods that their connections will become super-fast once restarted. 

Rebooting may sometimes help, but if it doesn’t, there are a few more “quick solutions” that may be able to restore your connection’s speed. It may, in some situations, completely resolve a problem you’ve been experiencing. 

  • Unplug useless devices — If you have a smart home, you probably have more than 10 devices that require a Wi-Fi connection. You may not realize it, but every gadget consumes data that would otherwise be consumed only by your computer while playing games. As a result, disconnect any devices that aren’t in use right now to “free up space” and improve the network connection’s performance. What about that intelligent kettle? Or every outside security camera you have?
  • Reposition your router — This is a simple remedy that is sometimes overlooked. The location of your router might play a role in internet outages. Walls, cabinets, appliances, and other obstacles in the path of your computer or router may all be simply removed. Simply move the router closer to your PC and check that signals may pass through barriers (if it is located in another room).
  • Check for dead zones — Learn how to utilize various service IDs to determine which devices are experiencing interference and which devices should be moved to a different band. Downloading a third-party tool that “tests” locations in your home is another method to see whether your PC is in a dead zone. 

Finally, prefer a wired connection over a wireless connection if you can connect your computer to the router directly using wires. Also, double-check that the wires are in good working order when you’re setting up a wired connection (no tears and holes as well). If it’s not working, get a new one before switching back to a wired connection. 

Recommendations for Device Upgrades

If you’re still experiencing downtime or unexpected decreases after you’ve fixed your router, it might be due to a variety of factors. You have the option of updating your gadgets if you know what’s causing the issue.

  • Invest in a Wifi-Extender – If you have several dead spots at home, this must-have gadget may be a game-changer. A Wi-Fi extender improves the signal strength to your router, which has a substantial impact on the speed of your connection. 
  • Powerline networking kits — If you truly want to invest in your connection and Wi-Fi repeaters aren’t functioning, powerline networking kits are your next best alternative. This device connects to your router and the wall outlet in your room. When you attach a second (or third) powerline plug into a different room, you’ll have a wireless internet connection that’s only available in that area. 
  • Upgrade your router — To enjoy the true speed of your connection, invest in a reliable router. Avoid brands that aren’t well-known. Purchase a router from TP-Link, ASUS, Netgear, Linksys, or another reputable manufacturer. Once you’ve had connections with a generic router (typically given by your ISP) and one that you purchased yourself, you’ll notice the difference.  

Your PC may need an update from time to time. Your gaming experience is influenced by a number of factors, ranging from the hard drive to the motherboard. You may not have noticed it earlier when you were simply playing card games, but whenever you decide to play a more sophisticated game (or join a gaming team), you’ll quickly realize your system isn’t up to the task. 

In situations like these, your remedy will be costly, but there’s a strong possibility you won’t have any more disruptions after you’ve changed your PC components. 

What Else Should You Think About?

Many applications and apps come pre-installed on computers, and many of them download updates automatically. Not everyone realizes it, but if many apps are hogging resources at the same time, your computer will slow down and your gaming performance will suffer. Learn how to inspect everything that’s operating in the background and turn off the ones that aren’t necessary. 

Finally, if you’ve been playing all night or all week, your computer needs to rest. If shutting down your computer isn’t an option, restart it if it’s beginning to slow or freeze. 

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The “firewall settings for gaming” is a guide to help you set up your router so that it does not interrupt your gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my gaming experience better?

A: By trying out different games, you can find the type that suits your tastes. Dont be afraid to try something new either! With so many choices available today it shouldnt be hard to find a game or series worth playing.

How can I improve my online gaming?

A: The best way to improve your online gaming is by joining a clan and playing with people who have similar skill levels. This will help you find players of a similar caliber as yourself, so that you can play more comfortably.

Are TP links good for gaming?

A: TP links are not good for gaming, as they dont provide the best experience and can often reduce your framerate when switching to them.

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