4 Best Mining Software Programs to use for GPU mining

When you start mining cryptocurrencies, the first thing that will pop into your head is what computer hardware to use. The main question that arises in most minds would be whether or not a GPU is needed for crypto-mining and if so, which one? If you are thinking about purchasing new graphics cards to join in on the cryptocurrency craze then read this article carefully as it will help guide
you through the process of getting started with 4 software programs that can mine coins using both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.

The “cgminer” is one of the most popular mining software programs available. It has a variety of features that make it an attractive option for GPU mining.

For both Windows and Linux, there are a plethora of bitcoin mining software applications. Some, on the other hand, offer more functionality, charge less, or operate better on certain GPUs. Today, we’ll look at the top 5 mining software applications for AMD and Nvidia GPUs in 2021.

Please keep in mind that the top miners might vary over time when new upgrades, patches, and features are released. Remember that all of the mining software described above, as well as many more, is accessible on our Mining OS – Simple Mining!

Nvidia Miners of the Year


There is now a large number of miners available for Nvidia GPUs. Only a handful of them, however, stand out in terms of features and stability.

Nbminer is now one of the finest miners, and it is working hard to unlock Nvidia LHR GPUs. Only a few days ago, a new version of Nbminer was released, allowing locked Series 30 devices, often known as LHR (light hash rate), to increase their hashrate by up to 35 percent on certain cards. We can see the 3060 TI, for example, moving from 30mhs to 40mhs right now. The 3070 TI has a maximum speed of 50 MHz, while the unlocked 3080 TI has a top speed of 80 MHz.

Although this update does not significantly improve the performance of Nvidia locked GPUs, we think it is only a matter of time until we witness a significant increase in hashrate on all of these GPUs.

When picking Nbminer, keep in mind that this miner has a 1% development charge for Ethereum mining and is compatible with all Linux and Windows versions. It can also mine ERGO, RVN, and Beam, as well as a few minor currencies.

Nbminer Mining Software

Miner T-Rex

T-Rex is one of the top Nvidia miners since it was designed specifically for Nvidia GPUs. It does not support AMD cards, but it may be used on both Linux and Windows with green GPUs.

T-Rex miner can truly bring out the greatest hashrate on most of the cards, such as the 1080, which can mine at up to 35mhs and 1080 TI up to 48mhs, thanks to its concentration on Nvidia GPUs.

This is one of the better miners you can utilize if you have older Nvidia GPUs that were purchased before 2021. It’s only topped by Nbminer, which unlocks the light hashrate limitation for newer devices.

T-Rex can mine over 30 algorithms, including popular ones like Kawpow, ERG, and MTP, and has a 1% dev fee on all platforms, including Ethash.

Let’s show some love to the red cards now that we’ve looked at the current top two alternatives for Nvidia cards.

T-Rex miner


Team Red Miner is a miner built specifically for AMD red GPUs, as the name implies. This miner is only compatible with these GPUs, thus if you have a green and red setup, it will not function.

Teamredminer is a highly reliable miner with a lot of features, including special unlocks for AMD VII or GPUs that can reach over 108Mhs if utilized correctly, which no other miner has yet to achieve.

Teamredminer is also a highly optimized miner for Navi GPUs, such as the 5700 and 5700XT, since it allows for the usage of a lower core in the overclock panel while maintaining a high hashrate and low power consumption. This miner also includes a comprehensive tutorial on how to get the most out of your Vega GPUs, an AMD card model that is highly tuned in this miner and not available in other miners. Teamredminer charges a dev fee of 1% of ethash and 0.75 percent if you have Polaris 580s GPUs, for example. It can also mine Kawpow, lyra2rev3, MTP, and a variety of other algorithms.



One of the reasons lolminer stands out is its capacity to resurrect cards, as it did in late 2020 when 4 GB cards stopped mining Ethereum owing to latency and the fact that they were beyond 4 GB in size. Around the Christmas season, the lolminer developer released an upgrade that enabled older GPUs with insufficient memory to continue mining Ethereum at a lower hashrate.

Miners using 4 GB cards were able to mine Ethereum for another four to five months, bringing a large number of coins into their wallets as mining profitability surged owing to the high dollar price.

Another feature of lolminer was the ability to immediately insert a GPU with 4GB of RAM into the motherboard and mine at almost full speed, such as 30mhs in the case of a 470, 570, or 580 series. This miner was also the first to unlock the first iteration of the 3060 LHR GPU under Linux, moving from 25mh to up to 39mhs without needing to connect the cards directly into the motherboard or utilize an HDMI cable.

On Ethereum, Lolminer has a 0.7 percent dev fee and can mine various algorithms including Cuckoo 29,31,32, and Autolokys.

Lolminer Mining Software

All of these miners have been thoroughly tested by us over a lengthy period of time and have shown to be stable and error-free. As a result, in our view, these are the four finest miners for mining cryptocurrency in 2021.

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The “awesome miner” is a popular software program that allows users to mine cryptocurrency. The 4 best mining software programs are CudaMiner, Claymore’s Zcash AMD GPU Miner, Ethminer and Nicehash Miner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best GPU mining software?

A: The best GPU mining software is Ethminer.

What mining software should I use?

A: The best software for mining is xmr-stak. It mines very well and does not take up too much space or resources on the computer.

What can you mine with a GPU miner?

A: GPU miners can mine cryptocurrency.

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