Find Azure AD Connect accounts

Azure AD Connect is a program that allows Microsoft Azure to integrate with Office 365. The process of using the software is simple, but some steps should be followed in order for it to work properly.

The “azure ad connect service account permissions” is a tool that allows users to find Azure AD Connect accounts. The tool searches through the Active Directory for all accounts that are members of the service and their respective permissions.

To synchronize information from Windows Server Active Directory to Azure Active Directory, Azure AD Connect utilizes three accounts. Before relocating Azure AD Connect to another server, you should verify whether these accounts have the right permissions or write them down. This post will show you how to locate Accounts for Azure AD Connect.

Azure AD Connect accounts

To synchronize data between Active Directory (on-premises) and Azure Active Directory, Azure AD Connect requires the following three accounts (cloud).

  • Read/write information to Windows Server Active Directory using the Account for AD DS Connector.
  • Account for the ADSync Service: Access the SQL database and run the synchronization service.
  • Account for Azure AD Connector: Write data to Azure Active Directory


Let’s look for all three Azure AD service accounts and make a list of them.

AD DS Connector account

These are the two possible locations for the AD DS Connector account, which reads and publishes information to Windows Server Active Directory.

On the Azure AD Connect Server, launch Synchronization Service Manager. Select Connectors > Internal Domain > Properties from the drop-down menu.

It’s the internal domain with the name exoip.local in our case.


Connect to Active Directory Forest by clicking the Connect to Active Directory Forest button. The AD DS Connector account is indicated by the user name.

MSOL b3c27fcc1296 is the user name in our sample.

Note that if the user’s name starts with MSOL_, Azure AD Connect generated the account during setup.


Account for the ADSync Service

The ADSync service account, which operates the synchronization service and connects to the SQL database, is located here.

On the Azure AD Connect Server, start Services (services.msc). To see the properties for the service Microsoft Azure AD Sync, double-click it.


Select the Log On tab. The ADSync Service account is shown in this account.

Note: If the account name is ADSync, the account was established by Azure AD Connect during the setup process.


Account for Azure AD Connector

You may find the Azure AD Connector account, which sends data to Azure AD, at the following location.

On the Azure AD Connect Server, launch Synchronization Service Manager. Select Connectors > Microsoft domain > Properties from the drop-down menu.

It’s the Microsoft domain with the name – AAD in our case.


Connectivity is selected. The Azure AD Connector account is indicated by the user name.


Have you been able to verify the Azure AD Connect service accounts as a result of this?

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You now know where to look for Azure AD Connect accounts. There are three accounts, and knowing where to locate them is important when migrating Azure AD Connect to a new server or if synchronization difficulties arise.

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The “reinstall azure ad connect” is a solution to the problem of finding Azure AD Connect accounts. The process can be done with the help of PowerShell commands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What account is Azure AD Connect using?

A: Azure AD Connect is using the account of your current Windows 10 computer.

How do I find my Azure AD account?

A: To find your Azure AD account, go to My Account on the Microsoft Edge browser and select Sign-in. If you are signed in with a work or school account, sign out of it.You will be redirected to where you can login with your preferred method (password, phone number).

How do I check Azure AD Connect?

A: This is a question that Microsoft does not have an answer for. They recommend getting in contact with your organizations IT department to find out how you can check the status of Azure AD Connect and whether it has been successfully connected to your network or not.

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