What is MSVCP140.dll missing? 5 Fixes

The MSVCP140.dll is a required file that the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable package includes with its installation. 5 fixes for missing or damaged files are available below, and will help users without this DLL to continue installing their program or game on Windows 8, 7 and Vista.

The “msvcp140.dll download” is a missing file that has been present for quite some time. Microsoft released 5 fixes to fix the issue.

While Windows is a very all-around operating system in and of itself, it does rely on a number of dependencies to execute certain apps. The Visual C++ Redistributable package and the DLL files that come with it are one such dependency. 

We’ll look at MSVCP140.dll and the problems it might create if it becomes missing in this post.

The most likely reason for this is because the file is corrupted or does not yet exist on your machine. If you’re running a fresh copy of Windows, it’s possible that you haven’t yet installed Visual C++, resulting in the missing file.

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Here are a few quick fixes for the MSVCP140.dll file missing issue. 

Replace the faulty package with a new one.

Most software installations include all of the prerequisites for running on Windows, such as DirectX or Visual C++ redistributables. There’s a possibility you’re encountering this error because the installer didn’t install the necessary when it first ran, and reinstalling may quickly remedy the problem. 

Update your operating system.

Another thing you may do is make sure your operating system is current. Developers often detect these flaws based on insider reports or consumer input, and then provide fixes or patches as updates. Check to see whether you have the most recent update loaded on your computer.

Here’s a link to our step-by-step instruction on how to upgrade Windows.

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Perform an SFC scan.

Corrupt files are the most common cause of strange behavior on your computer. Here’s how to get rid of them and, perhaps, fix your problem. 

Step 1: Open the Cortana/Search box by pressing Windows Key + S and searching for Powershell. From the search results, choose Windows Powershell.


Step 2: Run sfc /scannow to check your system for problems. 


Step 3: If the SFC scan uncovers any issues, use the command below to fix them. 

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth1627461029_685_Why-is-Copy-and-Paste-not-working-10-fixes

After restarting your computer, the “driver verifier found violation” error should be gone. If that doesn’t work, you may use this instructions to conduct a DISM scan to resolve any additional issues. 

Visual C++ Runtime Repair

Any corrupt or damaged files that are causing the problem may be fixed by repairing the Visual C++ Runtime library.

To launch the Run prompt, press Windows key + R. Enter the command appwiz.cpl.


Step 2: Locate and choose the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime (2012 and later), then click the Change button. Repair the library by following the instructions.


Restart your computer and try running the software again. This should resolve the DLL error.

Visual C++ Runtime should be reinstalled. 

To launch the Run prompt, press Windows key + R. Enter the command appwiz.cpl.


Step 2: Locate and pick the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime (2012 and later), then click the Uninstall option.


Download and install the most recent Visual C++ Runtimes from this page.

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The “msvcp140.dll download 64 bit” is a missing file that can cause MSVCP140.dll to stop working properly. Google has released 5 fixes for this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix MSVCP140 DLL missing?

A: This is a Windows error. Please try the solutions below to fix this issue.(
1) Restart your computer and boot into Safe Mode with Networking so you can download 《MSVCP140-x86.dll》from Microsofts website directly without any errors occurring on startup or during install, then restart your PC again in Normal mode to make sure that it works properly after installations completed.(If you cannot access safe mode due to hardware limitations, please use another PC to do this.)
2) If neither of these work for you, attempt reinstalling MSVC++ Redistributables from the official website., by following those steps

What causes MSVCP140 DLL?

A: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package is a package of software that contains runtime components needed to run programs developed with Microsofts development tools. This DLL file gets generated when installing the contents of this package, and might be missing its corresponding link in your system library folder. It may also get corrupted or even deleted by mistake during an update from Windows 10/8/7

What does missing MSVCP140 DLL mean?

A: Missing MSVCP140 DLL is a common error message that pops up when trying to play the game. This means your computer does not have what it needs in order for Beat Saber to run properly. You need Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable package (x86).

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