How to Tell if Someone Blocked Your Number on Android?

When someone calls you and then has a missed call from your number, the only way to know what happened is if they block their number. This tutorial will teach you how to tell whether or not it was them who blocked your number on Android.

The “how to tell if someone blocked your number from texting android” is a question that many people have. There are 2 ways to find out if someone has blocked your number. The first way is by using the text messaging app on your phone. The second way is by looking at their contact list on the Google account website.

One of the most irritating experiences is discovering that someone has “blocked you” or, more accurately, that you are unaware that someone has blocked you for whatever reason.

It’s tough to tell whether an Android user has banned you, unlike the iPhone. This is true whether you’re connecting an iPhone to an Android device or an Android device to an iPhone.

To be honest, several tell-tale indicators may assist you in determining whether or not someone has banned your Android phone number. Here’s additional information about it.

Sending SMSes is number one.

When you send an SMS to someone, it usually gets sent as long as the receiver has reception (I’m talking about classic text messages that don’t need internet but do require a cellular network).

Some OEMs include a delivery report option that sends you a pingback when your message is delivered.

However, a large number of smartphone models do not send pingbacks and instead display a “Delivered” status tag underneath the text message instead.

The caveat is that you may still text someone even if their number is banned; however, the text will either never reach the receiver or will wind up in their “Blocked Messages” area.

If you sent a few messages and didn’t get a response, there’s a good chance your number has been banned and the receiver has never received a text.

This is a tell-tell indicator, but it’s not 100 percent accurate since it’s conceivable that the receiver never got any text owing to network troubles, or that the messages automatically piled in the spam area, preventing the recipient from intercepting it.

#2: Give them a name (with no voicemail)

Unlike SMS, phoning someone on Android offers you a far better chance of determining whether or not they have banned your number. 

Even when the receiver hears a song/ringtone set by him/her, all you hear is the usual ring *tring tring*.

When you contact someone, it rings approximately a dozen times before disconnecting, either directly or with a voice message stating the call is being disconnected or not picking up the call. Your call will connect but not ring if the receiver is busy, and you will get a voice notice indicating the call is busy. 

Finally, if the receiver has banned your phone number, the call will ring once and you will hear a message indicating the caller is busy. This is your indication that the person you’re trying to reach has blocked you.

#3: Leaving a voicemail message


There may be a voicemail service available depending on the nation you are in (and the receiver). Assuming that the voicemail service is operational, there is a tell-tell indicator here that will assist you in determining whether or not your phone number has been banned.

Call the number you want to see whether he/she has blocked you or not, as normal. The receiver is most likely not near his or her phone if the phone rings for a long time and goes to voicemail.

If the phone immediately goes to voicemail, the receiver is on the phone, and you were immediately put to voicemail.

Finally, if the phone rings just once and you are sent to voicemail, you have most likely been banned. 

#4: Check your WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp is a must-have app for everybody with a phone, since the app’s user base has surpassed 2 billion devices and is still growing. If someone has banned your phone number, he or she has almost certainly barred you on WhatsApp as well.

Send a message to his/her WhatsApp contact. It signifies the message has been sent if it shows one tick to the right of the timestamp. The next step is to wait. 

The message will be transmitted to the user as soon as he or she switches on internet connection on his or her phone. If the tick to the right of the message timestamp is two grey ticks, the message was successfully sent.

The two ticks will stay greyed out if the receiver decides to disregard the message. The ticks will become blue (indicating that you haven’t been blocked yet) if messages are viewed and ignored. 

It’s worth noting that if you’re blocked, one tick won’t turn into two (if a message is sent after someone blocks you). You won’t be able to view the user’s status or profile picture, which is a clear indicator that they’ve blocked you on WhatsApp.

Final Thoughts

You’ll need to pay attention to a few tell-tale signals to figure out whether or not someone has blocked you.

Of course, the aforementioned techniques aren’t always infallible, so there’s a possibility you’re not banned at all, but merely ignored or avoided communication for a variety of reasons.

However, if someone has banned your phone number on Android, you may use these approaches to make some assumptions.

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The “how to tell if someone blocked your number without texting them” is a question that has been asked many times. There are two ways to find out if someone has blocked you on their phone: through the call log, or by sending a text message and seeing if they reply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell if someone blocked your texts on Android?

A: Theres no easy way to tell if someone blocked your texts on Android. However, there are a few things you could try by yourself. One is the phone settings of your device which would allow you to check for any unread text messages or SIM card notifications that have been received since your phone was last unlocked and used again after it has been locked for an extended period of time. If none have been received then this person likely did not block them but simply didnt see them when they were sent out.
If there are still some questions unanswered about the question asked please feel free to ask in comments below and I will answer those accordingly

What does it sound like when someone blocks your number on Android?

What happens when you text a blocked number Android?

A: If you text a blocked number, the only thing that will happen is your carriers voicemail.

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