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Elementor is one of the most popular front-end building tools blazing a trail to help people create websites without any coding knowledge. The Elementor WordPress plugin has been downloaded over half a million times and it’s easy to see why so many web designers are embracing this tool.

Elementor is a WordPress-based drag and drop page builder that allows users to build better sites with ease. It has been used by many websites such as AirBnB, Forbes, and The Guardian. Elementor Pro is a tool created by Elementor team to help developers create more complex layouts. Read more in detail here: elementor pro.

If you use Elementor, keep reading since this post is just for you. Even if you don’t use it now, you may decide to after reading this, since ElementsReady is a QuomodoSoft plugin that promises to provide plenty of more capabilities to the popular page builder, therefore vastly enhancing its flexibility and usefulness.

Because there are so many plugins that load Elementor with additional addons, blocks, and widgets, ElementsReady is up against stiff competition for market share. In this post, we’ll examine the plugin to determine whether it’s going to keep its rivals up at night.

Overview and Highlights

More than 105 premium widgets are included in ElementsReady. These cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Flip box
  • Headlines that move
  • Masking an image
  • Slider, gallery, and image carousel
  • Animations of Lottie
  • Grid, tab, slider, and carousel are all examples of post types.
  • Sharing on social media
  • Forms of communication
  • Table of prices
  • Weather
  • Hours of operation
  • Mailchimp
  • Product slider, grid, and tab for WooCommerce
  • Login, product grid, and slider, registration, cart, and other EDD functionalities
  • WordPress has a search box, a tag cloud, a calendar, and other features.
  • Campaigns to GIVE
  • LearnPress

That list is far from complete, and the plugin contains a plethora of additional widgets to meet most demands.

ElementsReady also comes with over twenty pre-made landing pages that span a variety of page kinds, including:

  • Portfolios created by individuals
  • Non-profit organizations that help others
  • Stores powered by WooCommerce
  • Pages dedicated to certain products
  • Medical
  • SEO and other types of agencies are available.
  • Restaurants

As if that weren’t enough, the plugin also includes:

  • Headers, footers, mega menus, and widget builders
  • Library of templates
  • Effects of floating and particles
  • Management of columns
  • Unsplash images
  • Domain-crossing
  • a real copy
  • Builder of massive menus
  • Elementor comes with over 700 pre-made elements.

That’s quite a collection of tools to help you construct web pages swiftly and effectively.

Advantages and disadvantages

ElementsReady, like any other plugin, has its advantages and disadvantages. Our observations are as follows:


  • It integrates the features of multiple plugins into a single package.
  • Given the capabilities, the plugin provides excellent value for money.
  • It has many of the same capabilities as Elementor Pro, but at a much lesser price.
  • There is a lot of documentation accessible online, and most of it is linked via the plugin admin panel.


  • This plugin only works with Elementor, so if it isn’t your preferred page builder, you won’t be able to use it.
  • The material isn’t very well written, and many of the videos are rushed, making it tough to follow along.
  • Many of the other tools may be unnecessary for certain folks.

Many people will be concerned about the final item on the above Cons list, that the underutilized functionality may slow down the site in the same way as having too many plugins may. Each function, however, may be activated or deactivated using the plugin’s admin panel.

ElementsReady comes with so many features that it’s hard to go through them all in depth here. As a result, we’ve chosen a few of our favorites to give you an idea of what the plugin has to offer.


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Embedding Lottie Animations is the first feature.

If a website wants to catch, engage, and keep as many people as possible, it must have a high aesthetic appeal. Using those adorable cartoon-style animations that you typically see in training videos and presentations is a great method to accomplish this. Using the open-source ‘Lottie’ format, they are simple to make.

Through Elementor, ElementsReady allows you to simply insert Lottie animations into your posts and pages. All you have to do now is drag the Lottie widget from the ElementsReady area of the Elementor sidebar to the location where you want the animation to display. Then you upload your Lottie file, choose your choices (sizing, autoplay, loop, and so on), and you’re ready to go.

The steps for integrating Lottie animation files into your pages and posts are shown in the following three images:

a-1024x520 b-1024x516 c-1024x521

On the internet, there are several resources pertaining to Lottie files. Online’s a lot of information on how to make them there, as well as a lot of ready-made ones that are inexpensive or free. You may also hire designers to create them for you, which can be extremely affordable if you find a skilled designer on Fiverr. The benefit of making your own is that they will be tailored to your specific requirements, and you won’t have to worry about copyright concerns.

Flip Box is the second feature.

As previously said, aesthetic attractiveness is key when it comes to websites today. As a result, the flip box is another wonderful feature of ElementsReady that enables you to liven up your site.

This widget, as the name implies, enables you to put a flappable double-sided box with text, icons, and photos on both sides, all of which are very adjustable to fit your requirements. The box may also be configured to flip vertically or horizontally, as well as the pace at which it flips and how it transitions.

The next three photos demonstrate how to insert flip boxes:

a-1-1024x520 b-1-1024x520 c-1-1024x517

The following is an illustration of a flip box being put into a post from the front:

View of the front side of an ElementsReady flip box being inserted into a post

Here’s the back side of the box after it’s been flipped:

View of the rear side of an ElementsReady flip box being inserted into a post

Here you may see live examples of the many varieties of flip boxes in operation.


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Builder for the header and footer is the third feature.

Having eye-catching headers and footers is another wonderful technique to spruce up your website.

ElementsReady has header and footer builders that leverage a variety of pre-made templates to create numerous layout combinations. A variety of customization and setup options are also available, enabling you to get them to appear exactly as you want them to.

Along with the things you can normally accomplish with Elementor, you can now insert components like sign-up forms, picture galleries, social buttons, and more in the headers and footers. You may, of course, construct them from the ground up if you so choose.

Here’s an example of a visually appealing header produced using ElementsReady’s header builder:

View of a header created using the ElementsReady header builder

Here’s an example of a footer created using the footer builder, which includes a tiny grid-format picture gallery as well as social network buttons:

View of a footer created using the ElementsReady footer builder

Floating Effect is the fourth feature.

The floating look is another fantastic feature of ElementsReady. This enables you to give components in posts and pages the illusion of floating softly. This effect is especially appealing on most site types since it breathes life into otherwise stagnant information. You may adjust things to your taste using a variety of setting choices. Click here to discover what’s possible.


Particle Effect is the fifth feature.

The particle effect adds various sized forms that float about the screen. You may make snow or rain showers for a winter effect, leaves falling about for an autumn impression, or stars hanging around for a sparkling look using it. In reality, the options are limitless. The forms’ size, frequency, speed, randomization, and direction may all be customized. You may see several samples of the particle effect in action by clicking here.


Image Masking is the sixth feature.

Create image masks that can be put into articles and altered into various forms using the image masking function. This may make even the most uninteresting photographs more interesting:

image-masking-1-1024x514 image-masking-2-1024x517

Here’s where you can learn more about the picture masking function.

Animated Headlines (Feature 7)

This function enables you to make animated headlines, as the name implies. Although the functionality is already there in WordPress, generating a large number of them without the aid of a plugin like ElementsReady may be a time-consuming and inefficient procedure. You may also utilize a variety of pre-defined animation effects provided by the plugin.


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If you want to see some instances of animated headlines in action, go here.

Pricing for ElementsReady

ElementsReady provides three alternative options, each with the option of yearly or one-time payments for the rest of your life.

The only variation between the plans is the amount of site licenses included in each. The following are the pricing for each:

  • Personal – $19 per year or $45 for a lifetime subscription with up to five sites
  • Business – $45 per year or $119 for six to twenty sites for a lifetime
  • Unlimited – $105 per year or $255 for a lifetime subscription.

Annual subscriptions provide updates and support for the duration of the subscription year, while lifetime plans include them indefinitely.

Please note that the prices shown above are part of a limited-time 40% off promotion. If you want to be sure of getting that discount, it’s best to purchase soon.

The Final Word

ElementsReady gives a lot of bang for your money, with rates beginning at only $19. It has a features-to-price ratio that puts it up against Elementor Pro, which costs upwards of $49 a year.

In reality, if you have less than 25 sites, you’ll need to purchase separate licenses for each of them using Elementor Pro. So, for five websites, you’ll spend $245 (5 x $49). This is much more than the $45 you’ll spend for the ElementsReady Business plan’s five domains. Furthermore, Elementor does not provide an unlimited Pro plan; the closest Elementor plan to ElementsReady’s unlimited offering is ‘Agency,’ which covers up to 1,000 websites but costs a hefty $999 per year.

Elementor Pro has a modest advantage in terms of total functionality, as well as premium one-day assistance vs ElementsReady’s ticket help. However, if all you care about is how much money you have, ElementsReady comes out on top.

A 14-day money-back guarantee is included with ElementsReady. Furthermore, the creator provides a stripped-down ‘lite’ version of the plugin that you may check out first in the WordPress plugin directory.

Today, give ElementsReady a try.


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The “how to add elementor to wordpress” is a tool that helps people build better websites with Elementor. The plugin allows users to create and edit website layouts, add blocks and widgets, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I optimize an Elementor website?

A: The general approach is to use a plugin called Elementor SEO. You can find this on WordPress official repository, but you will want to download it from their own site in order for the plugins to work properly. After that, simply activate the plugin and go about building your website as usual!

What is the best addon for Elementor?

A: The best addon for Elementor is the Genesis Theme. Its a premium theme that has lots of options and themes to choose from, which means it will work well with most websites.

Can I build a website with Elementor?

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