Best WordPress Survey Plugins to Gather User Data and Opinions

There are many ways to gather valuable user data in WordPress, but software developers may have overlooked the potential for surveying customers. These plugins make gathering feedback easier and more efficient than ever before.

The “best free wordpress survey plugin” is a tool that gathers user data and opinions. It provides an easy way for website owners to gather valuable information about their visitors.

Have you ever wondered how to make a survey in WordPress? That’s a simple one to respond to: just utilize a WordPress survey plugin!

On a website, surveys may be used in a variety of ways. To begin with, you may use them to collect information about your site’s users, get feedback on new items, solicit thoughts on certain issues — the list is nearly endless. Second, survey results may be automatically aggregated and displayed on your site in a visually appealing manner to educate consumers – think bar or pie charts. Polls and surveys, on the other hand, provide an interactive aspect to your site, which helps to enhance engagement.

What are the Functions of WordPress Survey Plugins?

WordPress survey plugins make it simple to include surveys and polls into your website, collect data, and show the findings in a variety of ways. Most plugins allow you to customize your surveys, so they may fit the look and feel of your website. Additionally, some enable you to export data for use in spreadsheets, marketing materials, reports, presentations, and other business-related applications.

This post will show you seven excellent plugins for adding and managing polls and surveys to your website.

Important Characteristics to Look for in WordPress Survey Plugins

The capabilities supplied with different survey plugins vary significantly, and in general, paid survey plugins offer far more capability than freebies.

The following is a summary of some of the most common features offered by the different plugins. However, whatever plugin you use is ultimately determined by your needs. As a result, use this list since a reference to what’s available rather than a list of must-have features, as you may not need all of them:

  • You can construct polls rapidly with little or no coding experience by using drag and drop builders or visual editors.
  • Pre-made templates are built-in for quick poll construction or if you’re stuck for ideas.
  • There are many other ways to portray results, such as pie charts, text, percentages, and so on.
  • Customization options to make the polls and results appear like they belong on your site
  • To increase the number of people who participate in your polls and to share the results with a larger audience, include social sharing buttons.
  • Once a person has given their answer, the option to show real-time survey results is available.
  • responsive to the deviceness ensures that your polls and surveys appear attractive and function properly on any device.
  • Measures to discourage participants from submitting numerous entries
  • Notifications to the administrator when a response is received
  • Exporting gathered data to spreadsheets or presentations, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, is possible.

The Best WordPress Survey Plugins on the Market Right Now

I’ve only scratched the surface of what survey plugins are and what functionalities you could want. So, let’s get started with the greatest WordPress plugins presently accessible.

Forms of Strength

Formidable Forms wordpress survey plugin

Formidable Forms has a sizable user base, with over 300,000 active downloads from the WordPress plugin directory alone, and a user rating of 4.7/5.0 stars.

Given what it can achieve, it’s no surprise that this plugin has a large following. Although the name suggests it is simply for creating forms, it also includes robust survey and quiz capabilities. These enable you to create and conduct polls on your website with a wide range of customisation options to draw in both regular and casual visitors.

Although the free version is significantly less advanced than the premium version, it nevertheless includes useful features such as:


The following is the rest of the article.

  • To easily design and personalize forms and quizzes, use the drag and drop form builder and visual style generator.
  • Customize the style, color, size, and text.
  • Submissions may be formatted, filtered, and displayed in a variety of ways.
  • Forms for quizzes with automated grading
  • One entry per user, IP address, or cookie is allowed.
  • After submitting a form or taking a quiz, you will be redirected in a conditional manner.
  • Graphs and charts come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Notifications and autoresponders prompted by submission
  • Twilio integration to get SMS alerts when submissions are received or to gather comments, votes, and poll replies by SMS text.
  • Spam prevention that isn’t evident
  • responsive to the device
  • Forms may be created and managed in a variety of ways.
  • HTML access allows for extensive customisation.
  • Submissions for import and export

That list is far from comprehensive, but it does cover the majority of survey-related features.

Formidable Forms’ premium edition starts at $79 a year for one site and goes up to $599 for unlimited sites and access to all features. Among other things, all premium plans contain the following extra basic features:

  • Monthly submissions and unlimited forms
  • Create polls with many pages and a progress bar.
  • Before submitting a survey, users may evaluate their replies.
  • Additional customization possibilities
  • Aesthetic consistency
  • Conditional logic that is clever
  • Templates that may be imported in a variety of ways
  • Uploading files
  • Forms with many pages
  • Support and updates
  • Money-back guarantee for 14 days

Given the features included in the free version, I feel it would be perfect for the majority of consumers. You may also upgrade to the premium version after testing it out and apply the moneyback guarantee if you don’t like it.

Get the Most Powerful Forms

 Total number of votes

 Total Poll wordpress survey plugin

Total Poll is a freemium plugin that allows you to quickly get input from your audience by adding polls to your site. It’s simple to set up and operate, and you’ll have polls up and running on your site in no time.

The free edition includes a long range of useful features, such as:

  • Editing via dragging and dropping with a live preview
  • Templates that are already installed
  • Fields that may be customized
  • Simple polls, as well as picture, audio, and video competitions, may be created.
  • Various limits may be set, such as date, IP address, members only, and so on.
  • Multiple-choice, other field, or scrambled voting options are available.
  • Results may be shown and hidden in a variety of ways.
  • Fields, fonts, colors, and other customization choices are available.
  • responsive to the device
  • SEO-friendly
  • Insights and data from a graphical poll
  • Tools for developers

In my perspective, that’s a nice set of features for a freebie. You may, however, upgrade to Total Poll Pro if you want to add more tools to your toolbox. For $59 per year, you have access to a variety of add-ons, including charting, Google Analytics, live polling, vote weighting, and more. Furthermore, owing to a 30-day money-back guarantee, trying Pro is risk-free.

Total Poll is an excellent alternative if you’re new to survey plugins because of its refreshing simplicity. The free version is quite functional, but the Pro version adds a few useful additions for a fair fee.

Total Poll has a user rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 stars, and there are over a thousand free downloads available.

Obtain the Total Poll


The following is the rest of the article.


Modal Research


Modal Survey is the last plugin on my list, and it’s another great, low-cost alternative for producing polls, surveys, and quizzes. The plugin is simple to use and allows you to create attention-getting surveys that are tailored to your company. It also offers a variety of choices for displaying findings. Countdown clocks, a proven means of motivating visitors to take action and participate in your poll, survey, or quiz, may also be included.

Modal Survey is a paid plugin that does not have a free version. Don’t worry, it’ll just set you back $39 on Code Canyon. This is a fantastic deal since you get a lot of features included in the package, including:

  • Visual constructor
  • Customization and formatting choices abound.
  • There are no limits on the number of surveys, questions, or answers you may create.
  • Polls that appear as popups or are integrated and may be customized in size
  • Create trivia quizzes that you can share on Facebook.
  • Types of answers include text, pick box, rating, and numerical.
  • To show a particular message or redirect to a URL, use conditional statements.
  • Timer for the quiz
  • a progress indicator
  • Images can help.
  • Pie, donut, bar, radar, line, and polar are six different styles of result presentation charts.
  • Individual charts depending on the participant’s score are shown.
  • Statistics and analytics in great detail
  • Results may be exported to CSV, XLS, PDF, XML, and JSON formats.
  • GDPR complied with
  • Updates and six months of support (which may be extended to a year for an extra $12.75)

Modal Survey has a user rating of 4.79 out of 5.00, indicating that it is well-liked. I believe it’s a terrific deal, and I really enjoy the idea that you can make some fun, socially shareable quizzes, which are always a good way to increase engagement and drive traffic to your website.

Obtain a Modal Survey

Stage of forming an opinion

Opinion Stage wordpress survey plugin

Opinion Stage is a freemium WordPress survey plugin that allows you to create any form of poll, survey, or quiz from scratch or from one of the many pre-made templates available to save time and get ideas.

The free version is much more rudimentary than the premium version, however it still includes features like:

  • Customize the style, color, size, and text.
  • A large collection of free templates is available.
  • Images and videos may be added.
  • Color schemes and typefaces that have been pre-configured
  • Results are shown in real time.
  • CTA at the conclusion of surveys, polls, and quizzes is optional.
  • Integration with social media sites for sharing
  • Notification of submissions by email
  • Using branch logic, you may adapt questions depending on the answer to the previous question.
  • Reports on the fundamentals
  • There are several responsive layouts available.
  • Only 250 views per month are allowed.
  • Device responsive
  • Hubspot, MailChimp, and other CRM and marketing solutions are compatible.
  • More than 40 languages are supported.
  • Customization through CSS override

For a freeware, that’s a lot of functionality. However, for busy sites, the monthly restriction of 250 views may be too restricted, in which case a premium plan might be more appropriate. These range in price from $228 to $2228 a year and provide anywhere from 10,000 to a million views every month, depending on the plan chosen. Monthly subscriptions are also available, and although they are somewhat more costly month to month, they may be the best choice if you only conduct polls and surveys on a regular basis.

The following extra fundamental functions are included in all premium plans, with the more costly subscriptions providing even more:

  • Multiple submissions are blocked.
  • The deadline has been set.
  • To enable participation, you should need a social login.
  • There’s also the option of adding a lead capture form.
  • Results are exported.
  • Support and updates
  • Free trial for 7 days

The Opinion Stage website includes a bunch of demonstrations so you can see what it can accomplish, and I have to admit, it creates some quite great surveys and polls. The main drawbacks to this plugin are the free version’s restricted amount of views and the cost of the subscription plans ­– $228 per year is a lot to pay for more than 250 monthly views but considerably less than 10,000. As a result, it would be preferable if the developer provided lower-cost solutions for less-trafficked websites. However, the free version is still worth testing out, particularly if you just want to conduct a few polls and surveys on a low-traffic site.

Please be aware that this plugin requires registration, which many people dislike. However, you may create polls, surveys, and quizzes without using the plugin; instead, you develop them on the Opinion Stage website and embed them on your site using an embed code.


The following is the rest of the article.

Cloudways woocommerce

In the WordPress directory, Opinion Stage has a 4.4/5.0 user rating and over 10,000 active downloads.

Stage of obtaining an opinion

Polling that is responsive

Responsive Poll wordpress survey plugin

The developer built Responsive Poll with mobile devices in mind, which is its unique selling feature. As a result, it is entirely adaptable, modifying the poll content to look great on any device, including tablets, mobile phones, and desktop computers.

Understandably, the free version of Responsive Poll lacks several of the premium version’s features. It is, however, fully suitable for adding simple yet appealing polls or surveys to your website, and the amount of views is unlimited. This version has the following features:

  • Sorting by dragging and dropping
  • Themes that are already installed
  • For each response, there are predefined or user-defined colors.
  • Add photographs or videos, such as those from YouTube, Vimeo, or MP4 files.
  • Instead of results, there is text.
  • Make questions in whatever language you like.
  • In one poll, you may provide as many responses as you like.
  • Shortcodes to add polls to whatever location you choose, such as sidebars or widget sections.
  • To copy polls and themes, use the clone buttons.

Premium upgrades are inexpensive, with a one-site license costing $15 and a five-site license costing $25. Furthermore, these updates include several valuable add-ons:

  • Themes that can be changed
  • Styes for custom voting buttons
  • Font styles and a variety of stylistic choices
  • Entries might be limited based on a cookie or an IP address.
  • Start and end dates that may be defined
  • After a person has given their answer, the option to show real-time survey results is available.
  • Results may be expressed numerically, as a percentage, or both.
  • Animation of images and videos
  • Electoral district
  • Editing results is an option.
  • Support and updates (6/12 months, depending on the plan you choose)

If you want to add polls to your site but don’t have a lot of money, Responsive Poll is a good option. The premium subscriptions, in particular, provide excellent value and feature customization choices that may help your surveys stand out. In addition, the plugin has a 4.7/5.0 star rating in the WordPress download directory, indicating that it is of high quality.

Get a Poll That Is Responsive

YOP Poll

YOP Poll

Even in its free version, YOP Poll enables you to plan when your polls begin and end, as well as conduct numerous polls at once. If you conduct a lot of polls on a regular basis, this is a huge advantage. Furthermore, this WordPress survey plugin is easy to use and does not need any technical skills.

You can get a lot of more important features by downloading the free version of YOP Poll, such as:

  • Make as many polls as you like.
  • At any point, you may intervene in polls to amend or remove them.
  • To clone polls, use the Clone button.
  • Simply provide a poll ID to add polls to your site.
  • Add one or more polls to a website.
  • Results are shown in real time.
  • Where there are many active polls occurring at the same time, display them at random.
  • Additional exportable information from voters may be collected using custom fields.
  • Poll results may be shown in a variety of ways.
  • Vote duplication is avoided.
  • Answers might be single or many.
  • Option to reset stats
  • Backend poll list that can be sorted and searched
  • Displaying archived poll results is an option.

That, in my view, is a useful toolkit for quickly, conveniently, and for free adding polls and surveys to your website.

Those of you who like features may want to consider upgrading to YOP Poll Pro. It costs just $17 for one site and $57 for seven domains, and these are one-time fees rather than regular ones. The following key features are included in Pro:

  • 30 ready-to-use, editable templates
  • a single inquiry or a series of questions
  • Slider questions with images and text
  • Allow users to participate using their Facebook and Google accounts.
  • Display the findings as a pie chart.
  • Timer with a countdown
  • Support and updates
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days

Responsive Poll is worth looking at since even the free edition has enough features to be helpful. Furthermore, the Pro version adds to that capabilities while costing relatively little money. As a result, I’m not surprised that it has a 4.4/5.0 user rating and over 20,000 downloads of the free version.

Obtain the YOP Poll


Survey Monkey

A popular WordPress survey plugin is SurveyMonkey. According to the creators, a third of a million organizations throughout the world utilize it to collect customer input. It’s simple to use and packed with features, enabling you to place popup or embedded surveys anywhere on a website. Furthermore, you can customize your polls to appear and behave exactly way you want them to using a wide variety of customization options.

A free version of Survey Monkey is available, albeit it is limited in functionality. It may, however, suffice if you just want to construct the odd rudimentary poll or quiz. Here are some of the major components so you may make your own decision:

  • Make as many surveys as you want.
  • Limitations: Each survey may only have 10 questions, 40 responses, and three collectors.
  • There are 40 pre-made short survey templates available.
  • Questions about video and images
  • Online questionnaires that appear unexpectedly
  • a progress indicator
  • The survey’s end date may be customized.
  • Before moving on, be sure the answer is complete.
  • Respond to the survey on the website or on social media.
  • Keep track of your email answers.
  • Passwords are used to secure surveys.
  • Blocking IP addresses
  • Analytical resources are limited.
  • Apps for iOS and Android

Although the limits mean the free version is only truly suitable for low-traffic sites or if you are just an occasional user, that is a respectable set of functions.

Upgrade options are available for both personal and commercial customers. The ‘Advantage Annual,’ which costs €432 (Euros, not dollars!) per year, is, in my view, the finest value personal plan. That is a significant cost, but if you need to generate a lot of polls or have a high-traffic site, it might be well worth it since it includes features like:

  • Each month, you may see up to 5,000 answers.
  • Each survey may have an unlimited number of collectors and questions.
  • Create surveys that are both recurrent and multilingual.
  • There are many different sorts of questions, such as matrix, rating, ranking, and ad slider questions.
  • Randomizer for questions and pages
  • A/B testing is the process of comparing two options.
  • Colors, typefaces, and other details may be customized to a greater extent.
  • There are 180 pre-made short survey templates available.
  • Obtaining contact information
  • Passcode lock and inactivity timer
  • Stripe is a payment processor.
  • More analytical and reporting tools, including CSV, XLS, and PDF downloads
  • Updates and support

If you need to produce a lot of polls and surveys, Survey Monkey is the best alternative since it has amazing features and a good reputation. Although the free version has certain restrictions, you may use it to test how well the plugin works for you before purchasing the full version.

Install Survey Monkey on your computer.

Which WordPress Survey Plugin Is Your Favorite?

Finally, I’ve shown how some free survey plugins might have restricted capabilities or use limits. For less popular sites that simply conduct surveys, polls, or quizzes on occasion, this will not be a problem. Premium plans are required for sites with big visitor levels or that conduct polls and surveys on a regular basis, but there are solutions to fit all budgets.

Do you use your website to conduct surveys, polls, or quizzes? If so, do you believe they assist keep users interested and attract further traffic to your site? And which WordPress survey plugin is your favorite? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.


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The “yop poll” is one of the best WordPress survey plugins to gather user data and opinions. The plugin offers a variety of features, including the ability to create polls, provide voting options, and collect responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a customer satisfaction survey on WordPress?

A: There are a few ways to create surveys on WordPress, but the easiest way is to use a plugin such as Survey Builder. This service will allow you to easily design any survey that your company needs and then send it out via email or text message when complete.

Can you do a survey on WordPress?

A: I cannot answer this question.

Can you embed SurveyMonkey in WordPress?

A: Im sorry, but the SurveyMonkey embedding code has not been developed for WordPress.

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