7 Reasons Why Windows is Better than MacOS for Research Paper Writing

Whether you are a student, researcher or writer, there’s no denying the fact that Windows is better than MacOS. Here are 7 reasons why Microsoft’s operating system rules for research paper writing.

The “why windows is better than mac 2020” is a blog post that discusses 7 reasons why Windows is a better choice for research paper writing.

Writing a research paper frequently needs a lot of devotion as well as a decent working platform to guarantee that the work is properly preserved and quickly accessible when modifications are needed. Even with upgraded operating systems, Windows has remained one of the greatest operating systems for research paper writing.

Windows is the most popular operating system for writing research papers since it is compatible with a variety of writing applications. There are a number of reasons why Windows is still superior than MacOS when it comes to producing research papers.

Searches that are aggregated

Writing a research paper frequently takes a great deal of time and effort in order to produce an attractive piece of writing with the appropriate material. Federated searching entails simultaneously scanning many data sources.

These queries often go beyond Explorer’s search capabilities. Because Windows boots up quicker than Mac, you can simply sign in to various sites faster with Windows than you can with a Mac.

You may complete your study paper more quickly.

Because windows are now more smoother and faster, you will be able to swiftly investigate numerous websites and get the information you need for your article. At EduBirdie, you can quickly choose a research paper assistance team and have your paper writing task completed in the quickest time feasible. Most college writing tasks have tight deadlines, and failing to achieve them might cause a slew of problems for your academic career.


In most circumstances, you’ll find that typing a large number of words on the screen is simpler with Windows than with MacOS. All spell-checking, printing, and email-sending operations are quicker in Windows than in MacOS. That suggests that if you use Windows instead of MacOS, your research paper writing efficiency is likely to be higher.

Excellent libraries

Windows folders allow you to examine several pieces of material in a single view. As a result, most students choose Windows 10 over MacOS for their educational needs. Due to the concept of packaging the apps, most shared libraries in macOS may not be visible, unlike in Windows.

Because there are fewer MacOS users than Windows users, most of these programs are reserved for applications that need kernel extensions or that affect the whole system in some manner.

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There is a need for less RAM.

Virtual memory in Windows is more effective than in MacOS. When a PC runs out of memory when writing a research paper, the chances of it crushing are far lower than when using a Mac.

However, if the Mac runs out of memory, it will most certainly crash, resulting in the loss of all documents. That suggests that utilizing Windows to write a research paper is safer, particularly if you have memory problems.

Freeware is readily available.

Security is crucial while writing a research paper since it prevents viruses from attacking your computer and inflicting harm to the hard drive, resulting in file loss. Because Windows has a greater number of compatible freeware than MacOS, you have a wider range of options based on the freeware software you believe is most suited to safeguard your documents from viruses.

Support at a low cost

Even though both provide customer assistance for a certain length of time, it is more costly to have your MacOS difficulties resolved after the support term has ended than it is to have your Windows issues resolved.

That implies you won’t have to spend as much money if you encounter a technical problem with your Mac while working on your research paper since you can quickly solve it. Remember that just a few computer stores specialize in Macs, and bringing the problem to Apple directly may be costly.

More user-friendly software

The distinction between Windows and macOS programs is seldom evident to most consumers when deciding which to use. You have greater control over most processes while using Windows apps than when using a Mac machine.

It’s the difference between driving an automatic and a manual transmission. The more variables you have to play with while revising your research paper, the less likely you are to make unintended mistakes.


There are many reasons why Windows is still superior than MacOS when it comes to producing research papers. The preceding arguments will provide you with a clear understanding of why you should write your research paper about Windows. These principles touch on everything from security to organization to research document handling.

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