Paramount+ Adds ‘My List’ Watchlist with Latest App Update

The list is an app introduced in July 2017 to help users keep track of shows they want to watch. Now, the update lets you add episodes from any show on your watchlist without having to wait for them all. It also makes it easier for viewers and fans alike to discover new content that interests them.,

Paramount+ Adds ‘My List’ Watchlist with Latest App Update. Paramount+ is a popular podcast app that has been updated to include the “My List” watchlist feature. The new feature allows users to keep track of their favorite podcasts and shows, and the latest update also includes bug fixes and other improvements.

The app now offers a ‘My List’ watchlist function that allows customers to save episodes, movies, and originals to view later. Although it may seem surprising that a streaming service like Paramount+ doesn’t have a watchlist, that has been the case from the program’s introduction.


Given that Paramount+ just started in March of this year, it is a younger streaming service than many others, which means that several features that customers may anticipate to be included as standard are yet to be implemented. Unlike other streaming services, though, Paramount+ did not debut as a brand-new app. Instead, all of the CBS All Access apps that were previously accessible were upgraded overnight to become Paramount+. That was the issue, since CBS All Access didn’t have a watchlist feature for bookmarking material.

The new watchlist function, dubbed My List by Paramount+, is already being rolled out across its applications. Users must check that their device applications are running the newest version – 8.0.22 for both Android and iOS users – since this is being sent out as part of an update. The 8.0.22 version is now available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store, so anybody installing the app for the first time will have access to Paramount+’s new My List right now.


Subscribers who have already downloaded the app will have to wait until the current version is available on their device before My List is accessible. Users may, of course, speed up the process of getting access to 8.0.22 by uninstalling and reinstalling Paramount+ on their smartphone. Once installed on a device, the functionality functions similarly to any other watchlist. After clicking or tapping through to a program, movie, or Paramount+ original, the My List button will appear next to the current Watch Now option.

The video will be added to the subscriber’s watchlist and immediately accessible on any compatible device connected to the account after clicking the My List “+” symbol. Subscribers will discover the new My List area just below the Keep Watching row on the Paramount+ main page. Users may simply delete any videos added to their Paramount+ My List by returning to the same program or movie page and clicking or pressing on the X button, just as they do with other watchlist options.

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Paramount+ has just released an update to their app. The update brings a new feature called “My List”. My List allows users to create a watchlist of the apps that they want to keep up with. Reference: how to search on paramount plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paramount plus adding a watchlist?

A: Paramount plus is not adding a watchlist.

How do I get rid of keep watching on Paramount Plus app?

A: If you are using the Paramount Plus app to watch content, then there is a function that can be used if access is restricted. This function will let you delete all of your personal data and information from their servers in order to prevent it from being collected or shared with third parties when you no longer use the app.

How do I access my list on Paramount+?

A: We have announced on our blog that we will be releasing a feature to allow access to the Paramount+ list. Keep an eye out for it!

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