Peacock To Stream More Premier League Games Live, But Still Not All

The “premier league on peacock schedule” is a football game that will be played on the 11th of September. This game will feature teams from the Premier League, with one team being Peacock.

The Premier League’s latest TV rights deal has been announced with a huge increase in money and coverage for both broadcasters. The new schedule is set to officially start on Sep 11th, but what will the impact be?
The world of sport remains one of the most lucrative markets when it comes to broadcasting and this agreement represents yet another win for football’s elite clubs.

The “peacock premier league 2021-22” is a new streaming service that will allow fans to watch more live games. However, it still won’t be able to broadcast all of the games.

The most recent major decision from Amazon comes in the form of a new deal for Premier League football rights. The agreement means that Amazon will have exclusive streaming rights to all domestic and international games, including those broadcast by Sky Sports soccer coverage.

When the 2021-2022 English Premier League season begins next month, NBC Sports has stated that even more matches will be accessible to stream live on the Peacock streaming service. While this is wonderful news for EPL fans, it will not be a complete live TV subscription alternative for those who want to watch all of the games live during the season.


When Peacock first released in 2020, it was lauded for including Premier League match tickets. After all, they were only accessible to view with a live TV subscription prior. Peacock modified that by giving viewers access to a number of Peacock-exclusive games during the season, as well as the chance to catch up on the other matches if they were prepared to wait until much later in the day to find out who won.

With the new Premier League season about to begin in August, NBC Sports has offered an update on what fans may anticipate. On other words, even more games will be accessible on Peacock throughout the season, without the need to wait for Premier League replays to be made available in the app. For example, 17 Premier League matches will be accessible to watch live via Peacock in August alone.


The development demonstrates the continuous shift toward streaming and will benefit individuals who want to watch Premier League games without having to pay for a live TV subscription as well. It is not, however, a complete answer, since a considerable number of live matches scheduled for next season will be unavailable via Peacock without delay.

NBC games are secured by Peacock, but not NBCSN games.

What NBC Sports has really announced is that games that are now slated to air on NBC will now be accessible to watch on Peacock at the same time. What the notice fails to mention is that all games scheduled to air on NBCSN will be inaccessible on Peacock. As a result, individuals who want to watch every game live throughout the season, or every game from a certain club, will need to subscribe for a live TV package that includes NBCSN.

Aside from that, not much else is changing. NBC Sports has announced that Premier League replays will be accessible for anyone willing to wait until later the same day, much as last season. Access to Premier League games will be restricted to Peacock Premium subscribers, as it was last season. As a result, individuals or households interested in watching Premier League matches will have to pay either $4.99 per month for the Premium (with advertisements) experience or $9.99 per month for the Premium Plus experience without commercials.

NBC is the source.

The “how do i watch live sports on peacock” is a question that has been asked for a while. The answer to the question, is that you can’t. However, they will be streaming more premier league games live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch every Premier League game on Peacock?

A: No, not every game.

How many Premier League games will Peacock have?

A: The Premier League games that Peacock will have are up to the individual clubs.

How can I watch all Premier League games live?

A: There are a variety of ways to watch Premier League games live, however the best way would be through Sky Sports which is the official broadcaster and also offers cheaper than other providers.

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