Best Guitar Apps 2021: 10+ Guitar Learning Apps for Beginners

The guitar app market has become so competitive, and it’s hard to find a good one. If you’re just learning to play the guitar today, here are 10+ apps that will teach you all the chords and songs you need!

The “free guitar lessons app no subscription” is a great way to learn how to play the guitar. The apps listed here are all free and easy to use. There are also other options for people who want more advanced features.


There are a million guitar applications on the internet that promise to be the next great thing, but the most of these apps aren’t that helpful for the average musician. As a result, we combed through the Play Store and App Store to compile a list of the top guitar applications for Android and iOS for both beginners and professionals. 

These guitar learning applications will be your greatest buddy whether you want to study guitar chords, take online guitar classes, read guitar tabs to learn guitar, arrange a practice session, or just master guitar scales. Above all, the majority of the finest guitar apps on our list are completely free! While some of the applications will be beneficial for new guitarists, others will be better appropriate for certain phases of your guitar journey.

Note: This collection of free VST plugins and guitar tuner applications is also worth checking out. 

In the year 2021, there will be ten or more of the best guitar apps available (Free Edition)

1) Beats of a metronome

Metronome Beats is a free interactive metronome, guitar tuner, and speed trainer for guitarists that has become quite popular. Metronome Beats has over 10 million downloads and may be used for solo and group music practice, live performances, guitar instruction, and live concerts.

Metronome Beats was created with simplicity of use in mind, allowing you to effortlessly raise or decrease the pace in tiny increments with a single tap/touch. Its graphic beat indicators maintain track of where you are in the bar and allow you to mute the metronome while still keeping an eye on the speed. 

Furthermore, you may adjust the pitch to make Metronome Beats easier to hear over your instrument by selecting from a variety of preset sounds, including high beats, hi-hat+Snare, metallic, hollow wood, and clicky. Simply choose any speed from 1 to 300 beats per minute to begin recording a new guitar track, or tap tempo to create a custom pace. 


2) Jam Recordings

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Jam Tracks, widely regarded as one of the greatest guitar applications for beginners learning scales and modes, also functions as a background track app with a large library. Jam Tracks allows you to experiment with guitar scales and solos right away if you want to improve your lead guitar abilities. Jam Tracks may also help you improve your guitar phrasing by teaching you how to recognize intervals in music.

This user-friendly tool allows you to simply change song keys and choose backup tracks from a variety of musical genres. Jam Tracks is invaluable if you wish to improvise, memorize scales, and chord progressions.

3) Tuna for guitar

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Guitar Tuna is a powerful guitar tuning program that stands out among the hundreds of tuners available on the internet. Guitar Tuna is quick, accurate, and responsive, with a crystal clean and simple interface. 

It’s also completely free for both Android and iOS users. Guitar Tuna offers you a visual indicator whether your electric or acoustic guitar is precisely tuned while you’re tuning it. Overall, Guitar Tuna is one of the most useful guitar applications available.

4) Transcribe++++++++++++++

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Want to learn how to transcribe a song, a guitar solo, a riff, a lick, or any other piece of complicated music? Look no farther than Transcribe+, which can slow down and repeat rapid tempo guitar sections so you may learn music by ear by writing it down or playing it. 

Transcribe+ comes in helpful in the most natural way, especially while learning a guitar solo note by note. This program, however, only works with music that have previously been downloaded through iTunes or Spotify on your iPhone or iPad.

5) A Music Speed Changer is a device that allows you to change the speed of

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Slowing down music to play notes precisely is a must while learning guitar riffs and solos, particularly when practicing in a different tune. Music Pace Changer is a handy software that lets you modify the speed of songs in real time without changing the pitch (time stretch), or pitch shift without changing the tempo (pitch shift).

This tool also includes an 8-band graphic equalizer, a preamp, and a looper, allowing you to easily loop audio parts for stress-free practice. You may even reverse the audio or play the song backwards. You may also use Music Speed Changer to speed up audiobooks for a more enjoyable listening experience, headbang to your favorite song, or construct nightcore using it. 


6) Musician

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Songsterr is a popular software among guitarists, both pros and amateurs, because to its large library of over 500K guitar tabs. Songsterr is mostly a guitar tabs program, although it may also be used for playing by ear, learning time signatures, and other things.

Songsterr has tabs for songs from a variety of rock and metal genres and subgenres. Songsterr includes individual tracks for each and enables you jam along with other artists, whether you’re learning to play a solo, lead electric guitar, rhythm, or acoustic guitar. 

7) Fret Workout

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The fretboard is the most important part of playing guitar, and what better program to learn the fretboard than Fret Trainer? For starters, Fret Trainer aids with the identification of distinct notes on a fretboard as well as their placement, making it much easier to perform solos and improvise, particularly if you are a budding jazz guitarist. 

As a result, Fret Trainer is regarded as one of the greatest guitar applications for mastering the fretboard’s complexity. The software uses the movable CAGED system to help you visualize the fretboard and pushes you to come up with quick responses to its fretboard quiz.



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Ultimate Guitar is an excellent library of tabs for beginners and is perhaps the largest and most comprehensive guitar chords website and app on the internet. Ultimate Guitar Tabs is an excellent software for reading/learning tabs or skimming through chord sheets of songs from a variety of genres, similar to Songsterr. 

The user interface is quite well-designed, including auto-scrolling, transposing tools, and other useful navigation tools. Despite the fact that the majority of the guitar tabs are supplied by users, they are nevertheless quite accurate. 

GarageBand (nine)

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GarageBand, Apple’s free music creation program, has a built-in metronome (as well as a guitar tuner) and is very popular among aspiring musicians. GarageBand is much more than a guitar program, featuring simulated drummers, AU plugins, audio loops, samples, and native MIDI keyboards.

To begin, choose a virtual drummer from a variety of genres such as rock, funk, hip hop, and electronic music, then plug in your electric guitar and begin performing. With effects, EQ, compression, and more, you can improve the tone of your guitar recordings with this handy multi-instrument program. Overall, if you want to utilize free guitar AU plugins and loops, GarageBand is one of the greatest guitar programs for iOS.

10) Ear Trainer (Functional)

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Functional Ear Trainer is a wonderful place to start if you want to improve your ear training and learn to detect notes and scales in a hurry. Simply spending 5-10 minutes each day on this app may assist you in recognizing the various scale degrees in the context of a song. 

For example, you may use this software to rapidly identify individual notes within a song. Furthermore, Functional Ear Trainer keeps track of your development and gives thorough statistics. It may be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS devices. 

That’s all there is to it! Did you like our roundup of the top Android and iOS guitar apps? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

The “best guitar learning apps” is a list of the best 10+ guitar learning apps for beginners. The list includes some free and paid options that are available on both Android and iOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best guitar app for beginners?

A: There are many different guitar apps for users to select from. If youre looking for something simple, then try out GuitarTuna or TonePad

Is Gibson app good for learning guitar?

A: It is a good app to learn guitar with.

Does Yousician really teach guitar?

A: Unfortunately, Yousician is not a true “teacher”. It teaches you the basics of playing guitar and how to read music on any instrument with tabs or sheet music. The program does not teach you anything about different types of guitars (such as acoustic) or how to tune your guitar properly.

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