Best Apps For Studying Spanish [2021]

In the future, it’s likely that you’ll see a lot of people learning Spanish from apps. In 2021, Google will release an app called “Spanglish” where it teaches native speakers and monolingual English speakers how to speak fluent Spanish in less than 20 minutes per day.

Learning a foreign language is difficult, but with these apps you can learn any vocabulary without even having to leave your home.

The “best free app to learn spanish 2021” is a useful tool for those who want to learn Spanish. It’s available on the App Store and Google Play, as well as online.

Spanish is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. Many individuals wish to know it so that they may travel or work in it. Not everyone, however, has the chance to learn with the instructors. Finally, but certainly not least, there are smartphone applications. There are several services that may assist with schooling; for example, if you Google “edit my essay,” you will get just what you need. That’s incredible. As a result, today we will discuss Android applications for learning Spanish.


This program includes over 300,000 mini-games in several languages, so you will undoubtedly discover a wealth of material for learning Spanish here. The goal of the games is to learn new words using flash cards, and then the system will assist you in learning synonyms, using words in appropriate settings, and much more.

Android and iOS versions are available.


One of the most well-known language-learning systems. Learning takes the form of games, and it aids in the development of pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. You may assess your skill level and progressively enhance your knowledge by using this tool. There is a game character in this software. You may progress through the levels by earning points. It is possible to learn words and phrases, create your own sound dictionary, practice grammar, and interact with other users of the site. Recommendations are made based on the results of the first exam to assist bridge the knowledge gaps indicated by the test.

Android and iOS versions are available.


Interlocutors who speak Spanish are available via this service. They will assist you in learning Spanish in return for assistance in your original language. It’s also a great method to meet people from all around the globe without having to leave your house.

Android and iOS versions are available.

Starting from the beginning in Spanish

It will assist you in learning the basic and most important aspects of Spanish grammar. Unlike the preceding applications, this one is only accessible in Russian.

Android version is available.

Busuu speaks Spanish.

The flexibility to set the level is an undeniable benefit of the software (beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced, travel course). Each level is broken down into subjects, each of which includes vocabulary, conversations, and a test to ensure that the information has been learned. All of the subjects and terminology are spoken aloud. The program not only aids in the development of vocabulary and listening abilities, but also allows users to compose short works and submit them for native speaker assessment. The app has been named one of Apple’s “Best of 2014” selections.

Verb Forms Conjugator of Spanish Verbs

A very useful tool that is a dictionary of Spanish verbs with a Russian translation and an indicator of whether the verb is proper or inappropriate. You may view all of the verb’s forms at any moment by clicking on it. The dictionary is spoken aloud. In addition, the application includes written and card-based activities for practicing verb declension. Only 30 verbs are included in the free edition.

The Rosetta Stone Course

An perfect tool for people who wish to learn a foreign language without having to memorize lexical and grammatical structures mechanically. The approach utilized in the Rosetta Course program enables you to learn the language without remembering the rules and activities; instead, learning is performed in a foreign language by building an associative sequence in the user, which considerably improves the course’s efficacy.

– An fantastic software in the “Education” area, designed for Android smartphones. The creators have created a fantastic tool that will help you learn a foreign language in the smallest amount of time feasible. And, to be more precise, it will only take seven classes. There’s no need to worry if you’ve never heard Spanish before. It is possible to learn it from the ground up and ultimately achieve a regular level of communication on a variety of themes.

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The “best spanish learning app for intermediate” is a mobile app that provides users with the tools they need to learn Spanish. The app includes text-to-speech, flashcards, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to learn Spanish 2021?

A: The best way to learn Spanish is by reading some texts, listening to audio books and watching videos.

Which app is best for learning Spanish?

A: There are many apps out there to help you learn Spanish. You can also try using an online translator, like Google Translate. I recommend the language app Duolingo for learning a new language because it offers free lessons that are very easy to follow and understand.

Is duolingo Free 2021?

A: Yes, duolingo is free to use.

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