How To Retrieve Blocked Text Messages On Huawei Phone

The Huawei phone has a feature that allows you to block messages from certain contacts. This can be helpful for avoiding spam, but it also prevents the person who blocked your contact from reaching out to you. Here’s how to retrieve blocked text messages on your Huawei phone.

The how to see blocked messages on huawei p20 is a tutorial that shows how to retrieve blocked text messages on the Huawei phone.

Learn How To Recover Blocked Messages From Your Huawei Phone Using Various Methods!

When someone sends you text messages that you don’t think relevant, you get annoyed with them. You block that phone number so you don’t receive any texts from it.

However, users may sometimes need access to prohibited text messages from blocked contacts. If you’ve banned someone and now need the block text SMS, then this site is for you. You’ll discover how to recover banned text messages on a Huawei phone in this article.

Expert Tip: Using the world-famous Android Data Recovery application, which is also a great Android Text Messages Recovery tool, is one of the finest ways to recover banned text messages from Huawei phones.

You can do the following using Android Data Recovery:

  • Text messages that have been banned on your Huawei phone may be easily recovered.
  • Deleted blocked texts from the Huawei smartphone may also be recovered.
  • Contacts, WhatsApp messages, videos, audios, call/voice recordings, photos, call logs, documents, and more may all be extracted.
  • Accidental deletion, water damage, screen shattered, forgotten password, factory reset, blank screen, and other situations may result in data being erased or lost.
  • Before attempting to retrieve the banned text messages, have a look at them.
  • This is a read-only application. It is safe, secure, and simple to use.

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Let’s begin with a real-world situation with a genuine user!

A Huawei P20 Pro user wants to see messages from blocked contacts in a real-world scenario.

Messages that have been banned by Huawei p20 pro may be retrieved.

On the Huawei p20 pro, how can I view/retrieve texts from banned contacts?

Android Central is the source of this information.

Now the issue is, can you recover texts from a banned phone number?

Yes, you can recover texts from a banned phone number. And the answers are listed below.

Note: This guide’s solutions are applicable to all Huawei phone models, including the Huawei P20/P30/P50 Pro/Nova 8/Y7a/Nova 8 SE/Mate 40 Pro+/Enjoy 10+/Y300, as well as all other models on the market.

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Solution 1: On a Huawei phone, restore blocked text messages to the inbox.

On Huawei, you may view and recover banned messages straight to your inbox.

So, to restore the banned messages to your Huawei phone’s inbox, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: From the home screen, choose Call & Text Blocking, followed by History.

Step 2: Then choose Text Blocked History.

Step 3: On the top, hit the Menu icon.

Step 4: Finally, choose Restore to Inbox from the drop-down menu.

Solution 2: Recover Blocked Text Messages on Huawei Using the Messaging App

Using the Messaging app on Huawei is another method to view messages from a banned number.

To view banned messages on your Huawei phone, just launch the Messaging app. After that, choose More and then Blocked.

You can now quickly view the messages that have been banned on your Huawei phone.

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Solution 3: Use Third-Party Software to Recover Blocked Text Messages on Huawei Phones

If the previous methods failed to retrieve banned texts from Huawei, Android Data Recovery software will assist you in recovering those messages from your Huawei phone.

The Android Messages Recovery program can recover virtually every kind of data, including photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, contacts, call logs, notes, and documents.

It can also recover data that has been accidentally deleted, lost due to system crashes, ROM flashing, virus assaults, rooting the device, factory reset, SD card problem, locked phone, damaged screen phone, and so on.

The software’s preview panel allows you to see the text messages and other files. It recovers data from both internal and external SD memory cards.

You may also use this application to retrieve deleted banned text messages that have been permanently erased.

Follow the instructions below to recover deleted text messages from your Huawei phone using the Android Data Recovery app.

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Backup Blocked Text Messages on Huawei as a Bonus Tip

You may also back up your text messages so that you can recover them if they are accidentally erased or become unavailable for whatever reason.

Android Data Backup & Restore is the finest solution for backing up banned communications. Apart from text SMS, it also recovers 8 kinds of data from a rooted smartphone, including movies, photos, audios, contacts, call history, documents, galley, and applications data.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] about the Subject

How Do I Block Text Messages From Specific Phone Numbers?

Answer 1 – Follow the instructions below to ban SMS messages from certain numbers:

Step 1: Open your phone’s Messaging app and choose Blocked.

Step 2: After that, choose Blocklist.

Step 3: To block the numbers, touch and add them together. These phone numbers will be banned from sending SMS and MMS messages.

Question 2: What Is The Best Way To Block Spam Messages?

Answer 2 – Follow the procedures below to prevent spam messages:

Step 1: Open the Messaging app and choose Blocked from the menu. Alternatively, go to Optimizer > Blocked.

Step 2: Next, go to Message Block Rules and enable Block unknown numbers.

All messages received from unknown numbers will now be banned.

Question 3: How Can I Block Text Messages With Specific Keywords?

Answer 3 – If you wish to block communications that include particular terms, follow these procedures.

Step 1: Select Messaging > Blocked > Keyword blocklist from the menu bar.

Step 2: Next, choose and enter the terms you want to filter.

All mails containing these keywords will now be banned.

Question 4 – How Do I Decide Whether Or Not To Receive Blocked Text Message Notifications?

Answer 4 – Go to Messaging > Blocked > Get alerts to choose whether or not you want to receive notifications for blocked communications. Set whether or not you want to be notified when text messages are banned.

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Question 5: How Do I Unblock Messages On My Huawei Phone?

Answer 5 – If you have tagged a number erroneously, you may handle blocked messages on the Blocked screen by recovering messages, removing records, or filing appeals.

The steps to do so are outlined below.

Step 1: Open the Messaging app and choose Blocked from the menu. Then you can:

Step 2: Touch a record and choose Restore to messages to restore the messages. The messages will be recovered and returned to the Messaging app.

Step 3: Touch Add to trustlist to add the number associated with this message to the trustlist.

Step 4: To delete the message record, use the Delete button.

Step 5: To remove a group of text messages, tap Clear.

Step 6: Touch Block rules to change the block rules.

Can I Receive Text Messages After Unblocking Someone? Question 6 – Can I Receive Text Messages After Unblocking Someone?

Answer 6 – Yes, you may receive text SMS after unblocking someone; messages will be sent to your phone even if the number or contact is banned. You will not, however, be notified of these messages.

Is It Possible To View Blocked Messages On Android?

Answer 7 – You won’t be able to read banned messages on your phone, but you can see them using third-party software. Google will lead you to the tool.

Wrap Up

This article has covered all of the options for recovering banned texts on a Huawei phone. Use the first two methods first, and if they don’t work, you may try Android Data Recovery to recover your blocked texts.


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The how to retrieve blocked messages on whatsapp is a common question that many people ask. There are several methods of retrieving blocked text messages on Huawei phones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view blocked messages on my Huawei?

To view blocked messages on your Huawei, you need to go into the settings menu and then scroll down to Blocked contacts and then tap on it.

Can I retrieve blocked text messages?

Unfortunately, if you have blocked a contact on your phone, they cannot be retrieved.

Where do Blocked messages go?

Blocked messages go into a special folder in your Messages app.

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