5 Best Avalanche Probes in 2021: Avalanche Safety Gear

Avalanche safety gear is a must-have for anyone who spends time in the backcountry. This list of the best avalanche probes will help you find the right one for your needs.

The black diamond avalanche beacon is a device that can be used to detect avalanches. With the help of this device, you will know if it’s safe for you to continue walking or if you should turn back.

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During an avalanche, time is of the importance, and every minute lost may cause the avalanche rescue effort to be delayed. You must be able to effectively utilize your rescue equipment.

Avalanche probes are metal rods used in the backcountry to probe through avalanches in order to rescue buried people in as little as eleven minutes.

The market offers a variety of choices for purchasing the finest avalanche probes, which may be confusing to the customer. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of some of the finest avalanche probes on the market in 2021, along with an evaluation of each.

In 2021, the best avalanche probes will be

Quickdraw Probe Tour by Black Diamond

The Quickdraw Probe from the Black Diamond series is the lightest probe to add to your bag for backcountry snow study trips. The probe’s light weight is intended to have no negative impact on the probe’s characteristics. In 2021, the Quickdraw Probe is one of the quickest and simplest to use probes on the market.

Because of its lightweight and easy-to-use characteristics, the Quickdraw probe is frequently used and favored for backcountry skiing. The probe’s tip is made of a massive and robust alloy that enables it to dig a hole bigger than the probe’s shaft while improving the probe’s sensitivity dramatically.

The non-slip components on the Quickdraw probe provide a strong and stable grip even while using damp gloves. The probe has a speed ferrule that allows for ultra-quick probe deployment with only one pull of the cable. The Quickdraw probe configuration is very quick, combining the stuff bag with the probe’s pull cord for one-pull ready.

The probe also has a robust locking mechanism that secures the probe in place after snapping, with a high visibility marker of 1cm to measure the burial depth. The Quickdraw probe has a fiery red hue that weighs approximately 11.2 ounces and has a length of 240 cm.

Avalanche Probe TerraWest Core 240

One of the best avalanche probes for use in avalanche incidents is the TerraWest Core 240. In avalanche incidents, time is critical in the rescue effort for the victims who are trapped under the snow debris. TerraWest probes are very light and can be deployed quickly as required.

The probe’s fast locking mechanism allows the rescuer to deploy the probe in seconds and secure it in one location. The probe is approximately 240 cm long and weighs around 240 grams. It is constructed of sturdy and durable aluminum. The metal utilized in the probe’s construction enables it to break through snow detritus and rescue people trapped deep within.

The probe tip was big enough for the rescuers to dig deep into the snow while easily cutting through the layers. The TerraWest Core Avalanche probe can easily compress up to 40 cm in length in seconds. This avalanche probe has a 10cm depth marking to help you figure out how deep the snow is and which shovel to use.

The probe has six pieces and is small enough to fit in your ski or snowmobile bag. There are two colors available for the TerraWest Core Avalanche probe.

Carbon Probes 300 Backcountry Access Sheath

Backcountry access sheath carbon probes have the fastest and simplest lock function for a secure deployment in times of necessity. During the hurried deployment procedure, the quick-lock function prevents unsecured wires from becoming a stumbling block. The probe’s segments are constructed such that the top section may snugly case within the following part.

The number of sections or segments in the probe bundle has been decreased in order to provide a compact and easy-to-pack avalanche probe. The probe’s construction and disassembly are also simplified owing to the reduced number of probe segments. The probe’s depth marks are etched with a laser to detect the depth of the snowpack as well as the victim.

These measures will aid in determining the shoveling technique and the excavation process’ dimensions. They are very sturdy, weighing approximately 12 ounces and measuring about 300cm in length.

Ortovox Probe Alu 240 Light, Silver, 240cm Ortovox Probe Alu 240 Light, Silver, 240cm Ortovox Probe Alu

The Ortovox Probe Alu is designed for winter adventurers who are concerned about their weight. The probe is very lightweight, weighing approximately 235 grams, and has fast launch straps and quick-lock assembly mechanisms. The probe also has an enhanced adjustable screw that allows you to quickly and easily secure the tension.

The probe’s tip is big enough to dig a hole larger than the probe shaft’s diameter, ensuring deep penetration into the snow by cutting through the layers of snow. The probe’s small size is accomplished by optimizing probe segments and decreasing the number of sections, allowing it to fit easily into ski backpacks.

The probe’s one-meter depth marker aids in regulating the depth of the snowpack, which governs the techniques of excavating buried people in an avalanche. The probe is equipped with the most up-to-date visual guidance system, which detects the precise depth of the buried victim in the snow layers and speeds up the rescue.

The contrasting depth scale on the probe, coupled with the colored end segments, helps to minimize time waste and saves the sufferer on time. The victim’s approach in the snow layers is indicated by the bright orange hue segment at the probe’s end. The ortovox probe is simple to open and assemble, even without removing the lid.

Snow Probe by Demon United

The Demon United snow probe is a 270cm avalanche probe that’s ideal for rescuing avalanche victims in snowy mountain terrains. The probe is constructed of robust and durable aluminum, making it one of the best avalanche probes on the market. The aluminum also reduces the probe’s total weight, and its small size makes it simple to carry in ski bags.

Due to fast launch straps and a quick-lock assembly mechanism, the Demon United Snow probe is very simple to build and dismantle. It also includes depth indicators for determining the level of the snowpack and regulating shoveling techniques for rescuing the sufferer trapped under the layers of snow.

The Demon United Snow probe provides the highest level of quality at the most reasonable price.

How to Pick the Right Avalanche Probe

When avalanche rescue or backcountry skiing, avalanche probes are the single item of safety equipment that people often overlook. These probes aid in determining the precise position of buried victims in avalanche incidents, as well as the depth of the grave.

Before purchasing an avalanche probe, there are a few things to consider. The following is a list of some of them.

The probe’s length

When buying an avalanche probe, the length of the probe is an important factor to consider. The duration is based on the amount of snow that has fallen in the region where you live. Choosing a smaller probe with a length of between 240 and 300 cm is usually recommended since they are very light and easy to carry.

The probe’s length, however, should not be less than 2 meters. Excessive usage of a shorter probe may cause it to break.

The longer probe provides more space between the hands, preventing the probes from fracturing. It also helps you avoid backaches when working with the probes for longer periods of time. They’re made of a thicker gauge and more durable material.


Avalanche probes are constructed of aluminum or carbon, depending on your desire. Carbon probes are more costly, while aluminum probes are more cheap and budget-friendly. The carbon probes, on the other hand, are lighter than the aluminum probes in terms of total weight.

The aluminum probes have a high penetration mechanism that allows you to dig deeper and cut through thick and difficult snow layers quickly and effectively. Because the snow debris is built up and difficult to penetrate with carbon probes, aluminum probes are highly suggested.


To avoid wasting time, the avalanche probe should be simple to deploy in seconds. The buyer should also understand how to utilize the probe and how to deploy it. Today’s probes can be dismantled or deployed with a single whipping motion or by drawing out the string or cord.

Before utilizing avalanche probes in the backcountry, it is recommended that you practice using them at home while wearing snowmobile gloves. It is recommended that you leave the bag at home if the bag irritates you when removing the probe.

Final Thoughts

best avalanche probe

Because they travel vast distances, ski visitors choose light, quick, and shorter vertical carbon probes. To dig into the thick snow layers, avalanche experts use long, robust, durable, and heavy metal probes. Some people like to have both types of probes on hand in case of a variety of scenarios and settings.

As a result, the avalanche probe you choose is entirely dependent on your preferences and requirements. You should consider getting an avalanche backpack to protect yourself against avalanche accidents.

The snow probe is an essential piece of safety gear for any winter sports enthusiast. These five products are the best in the market and will help you enjoy your time in the snow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size avalanche probe should I get?

The size of an avalanche probe is determined by the weight and size of the person using it. In general, a person with a smaller frame will need a shorter probe, while someone with a larger frame will need a longer one.

What are the best beacons?

The best beacons are the ones that suit your playstyle and budget. Some of the most popular beacons include the Beat Saber PS4 Pro, the Beat Saber PSVR, and the Beat Saber PC.

How successful are avalanche beacons?

Avalanche beacons are successful in that they alert people of an avalanche, but they are not always able to save lives.

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