How To Delete A Table In Google Docs

In Google Docs, you can delete a table by selecting it and clicking on the “Delete” button. You can also remove rows or columns of data from a table by selecting them and clicking on the “Remove” button.

In Google Docs or MS Word, making tables is a quick method to explain data. It assists you in properly organizing the material and making it understandable to the viewers. However, there may be instances when a table that was previously placed in the document using the Insert option is no longer required. You’ll need to know how to remove a table in Google Docs in these situations.

Deleting tables is a very easy operation that may be accomplished in a variety of ways. In Google Docs, for example, the Tables feature may be used to create a border. If you believe Google Sheets is a better choice for storing tabular data or having the table contents in a text format, you may remove it.

In Google Docs, here’s how to delete a table in three easy steps.

A Google Docs table may also take up a lot of space and increase the number of pages in a document. If you wish to conserve space, you may remove the table. Let’s have a look at some simple options.

How to Delete a Table in Google Docs

1. Go to Google Docs and create a new document. 2. Right-click on the table to choose it. 3. From the menu, choose ‘Delete table’ and click it.

These were the fundamental stages. The tutorial will continue with all of the specifics on how to remove a table and pictures in Google Docs.

Using The Context Menu To Delete A Table

This is the easiest way for deleting a Google Docs table, and it just requires the use of your mouse.

First, right-click on the table you’ve created in the document.1631464761_920_How-To-Delete-A-Table-In-Google-Docs

From the context menu, choose Delete table.1631464763_793_How-To-Delete-A-Table-In-Google-Docs

You may utilize the Undo option in the upper left corner of the toolbar to undo your action. Knowing how to make a pivot table can also help you organize the data from your Google Docs table in a spreadsheet.

In Google Docs, how do you delete a row or a column?

If you’re unsure how to remove a column in Google Docs, follow these easy instructions. The same procedure may be used to remove several rows.

To remove a whole row or column, first select it and right-click it. The first column will be removed in this case.1631464764_458_How-To-Delete-A-Table-In-Google-Docs

From the context menu, choose the Delete column option. When you complete this operation, the chosen column will be removed.1631464765_847_How-To-Delete-A-Table-In-Google-Docs

To remove an existing table row, follow the same procedures. The only difference is that in the context menu, you must choose the option to delete rows.

How Do I Remove Table Borders From A Google Docs Document?

You already know how to remove a table in Google Docs, but what if you want to save the data? Instead of the table borders, you may remove them and retain the tabular structure. Some users, for example, want data to be arranged in a tabular style but do not want the table boundaries. You can remove the table borders without removing the whole table in a Google Doc.

Right-click on a Google Docs table cell to select it. From the context menu, choose Table Properties.1631464766_615_How-To-Delete-A-Table-In-Google-Docs

The next step is to hide the boundaries, which may be done in two ways.

The first option is to make the border color White, as seen in the image below. After you’ve chosen your color, click OK.1631464767_792_How-To-Delete-A-Table-In-Google-Docs

However, this will only work if the backdrop of the Google Docs document is white. You may need to alter the border color to black if you use Google Docs in dark mode.

Setting the border size to pt. 0 is the second option. Select 0 pt. from the dropdown box under the Border size option. Finally, click OK to save your changes.1631464768_646_How-To-Delete-A-Table-In-Google-Docs

Because you don’t have to update the Google Docs table settings every time the background color is changed, changing the border size is the easiest method to remove table borders.

On Smartphones/Mobile Devices, How To Delete A Table In Google Docs

On the Google app, you may also learn how to remove a table in Google Docs.

To begin, go to Google Drive and access the document in question. Tap on the table in question once you’ve selected the Google Docs document. Then, in the upper left corner, touch the tiny box again to select the whole table. To access the settings, touch on the three horizontal dots.How-To-Delete-A-Table-In-Google-Docs

Next, touch and hold the table components, then choose Delete table from the drop-down menu.1631464771_845_How-To-Delete-A-Table-In-Google-Docs

However, if you pick only one table cell, you will also have the option of deleting a particular table column.


Google Docs and Microsoft Word are both built especially for storing descriptive material. That isn’t to imply that you can’t store numerical data in it. Tables in Google Docs may help you organize numerical and descriptive data in a tabular format. To insert column and blank rows, utilize the formatting option. You may also change the row height and column width, as well as delete any duplicate rows and columns. If you believe the duplicate data in a chosen cell or the whole table option is unneeded, you may need to remove it.

In this situation, knowing how to remove a table in Google Docs will come in handy. You can always use a Google sheet to store tabular data if it isn’t too cumbersome since you don’t have to build a separate table in it. If you don’t want to lose the table’s contents or any formatting, make sure you save it somewhere safe before removing it. It’s also worth noting that there’s no keyboard shortcut for deleting a table in a Google document.

The how to delete a chart in google docs is a question that has been asked before. There are two different ways to do this, but the first way is easier and more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you delete a table but keep the text in Google Docs?

You can delete a table in Google Docs by selecting the table and then clicking on the Delete button.

How do you delete a row from a table in Google Docs?

You can delete a row in Google Docs by selecting the entire row, then clicking on the trashcan icon at the top of the screen.

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