5+ best software to hide IP address in Windows 10

If you have been looking for a software to hide your IP address from your device, you have been looking for something that works. But, have you been looking for something that is compatible with your version of Windows 10? In this article, we will show you a few of the best tools to help you hide your IP Address.

It is always better to use the best software/apps to hide your IP address. That is why we provide you with some of the best VPN and proxy apps for Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista. So, we will be discussing about some of the best software to hide your IP address and protect your identity and data from prying eyes and hackers. You can download and install these apps and use them whenever and everywhere without having to worry about the security and privacy of your online activities.

In the past, I have been a huge fan of VPNs as a means of accessing blocked content from other countries, as well as as a way of protecting your privacy. However, the recent developments have been really worrying. The EU has been pushing for a mandatory internet filter which would ban all “extremist” content. This would obviously target any kind of political or religious content, which a lot of VPNs do. The other issue is that VPNs make you look like you’re accessing something from outside the country you’re in, which here in the UK is illegal, and often results in hefty fines, and even prison sentences.

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Originally published in February 2021.

  • Online dangers are one of the most prevalent issues at current moment, particularly if your personal information is not protected.
  • A VPN service that encrypts traffic is the finest security software for hiding your IP address.
  • With the growing number of privacy breaches, using effective IP masking software has become critical.
  • Another way to hide your IP address is to use a built-in VPN as an IP concealing tool integrated in your browser.


You may need to become anonymous on the internet from time to time in order to safeguard your identity.

On the other side, your banned location may prevent you from accessing some websites; you may have seen this on YouTube, for example.

You may get around these problems by disguising your identity with the assistance of virtual private networks. There is a lot of VPN software available to conceal your IP address, but not all of them is good.

An IP address is a one-of-a-kind identifier for cellphones, tablets, and computers. Every computer connected to the Internet has at least one IP address that distinguishes it from other machines.

A Trusted Proxy or Virtual Private Network may be used to conceal an IP address. You may sign up for such services and then use a new IP address everytime you go online.

VPNs will keep you safe while also providing you with the option of anonymity. You’ll be able to access restricted material including websites, movies, and more this way.

You’ll also be able to keep your data safe from hackers, governments, and other third parties. Here’s a list of six VPN programs for Windows 10 that will hide your true IP address.

What are the most effective software solutions for concealing my IP address?


The easiest method to keep your IP secure from prying eyes is to utilize a VPN service, so if you’re going to use one, you may as well get the finest money can buy.

Topping our list is a service that proved to be very secure throughout testing due to an encrypted connection that would be difficult to breach for almost anybody.

Kape Technologies created Private Internet Access, which is not only secure but also adaptable in terms of where you may connect.

This is due to the 3400+ servers located across the globe that enable you to bypass any regional limitations or protocol filters.

Furthermore, your Internet speed will not be impacted, so whether you’re surfing or streaming, Private Internet Access will keep you connected.

The greatest advantages of Private Internet Access are as follows:

  • A user interface that is simple to utilize
  • Setup in a flash
  • Bandwidth is limitless.
  • VPN Gateways in Multiple Locations
  • Thousands of servers are located all around the globe.



Keep your surfing habits secret with this fantastic VPN, which is now on sale for a limited time!


NordVPN is an all-in-one VPN service with over 5000 fast servers in 59 countries, all of which are tailored for your requirements.

Based on your choices and location, this sophisticated software conceals your IP and replaces it with a new one. It also provides limitless bandwidth, preventing throttling of your internet connection, making it the perfect VPN service for gaming or watching movies. When you activate the Quick Connect button, the program will instantly connect you to the best VPN server with a single click or touch.

NordVPN uses obfuscated servers, which encrypt your data with extra SSL/SSH encryption and prevent your ISP from detecting your VPN use. Even if you are in a highly restricted location, you may connect to a virtual private network using this kind of server. You may simply get around any VPN restrictions by using an obfuscated server.

 NordVPN also has the following important features:

  • Kill Switch that is activated automatically
  • Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox add-ons
  • Cybersecurity is a branch of information security.
  • Only your account has a dedicated IP address.
  • Support for split tunneling
  • At the same time, it protects six devices.
  • DDoS protection is strong, and DNS leaks are tested.
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

NordVPN offers safe and fast P2P servers, as well as a cloud VPN that protects your company and makes collaboration easier.



With this cutting-edge VPN software, you can hide your IP address and safeguard your data!


ExpressVPN is another user-recommended solution for masking your online identity. This program provides completely secure and lightning-fast VPN services for rally-style connections. 

You may select from hundreds of different servers to secure your identity in the digital settings where you work with this well-known solution. Your IP address is shielded, so you may browse in peace. 

In terms of connection security, this tool is known for its speed and security, as well as its ability to hide online activities. 

You may also use ExpressVPN to access websites or services that aren’t accessible in your region by masking your IP address. As a result, by creating a new IP address each time you go online, you are really contributing to a better digital existence. 

Regardless of activity, your data stays private, and you may enjoy your favorite material without worrying about your digital identity. 

The following are some of the software’s greatest features: 

  • Servers that are lightning quick 
  • Live chat assistance is available. 
  • Online surfing in a private manner 
  • Content restrictions in other countries have been relaxed.



Protect your online activities with ExpressVPN and enjoy a more secure browsing experience. 


Cyber Ghost VPN, which is also created by Kape Technologies, is one of the finest IP cover applications.

When you’re on an open wireless network, it may encrypt all of your internet traffic and keep your information safe from hackers.

Although CyberGhost no longer offers a free version, you may download and use it for one day. Apart from the time constraint, there are no additional limitations on the software.

On your Windows 10 PC, Cyberghost is perhaps the finest VPN service.

The new version has a cleaner user interface, more than 6400 servers to select from (up from 700 in 2018), and a slew of additional privacy features and settings to keep your data safe.

The following are CyberGhost’s major features:

  • The user interface is simple and straightforward.
  • There are more than 6400 servers to select from.
  • Advanced connection features for ad and pop-up blocking
  • Malicious websites and internet tracking are blocked.
  • Potentials for automation



Activate the greatest degree of data encryption and privacy for your online identity and browsing history.


Yes, we understand if you’re a little perplexed. Opera is a browser, not a VPN service, right? Well, you’re partially correct since, although Opera is mostly a browser, it also has a free built-in VPN!

It’s also quite simple to use. Simply start a new private window from the menu and look to the left of the address bar for the VPN option.

By clicking on it, you’ll be sent to a window where you may switch it on and choose your desired IP location. You’ll also see the data that was transmitted during that session, as well as your IP address.

The fact that it’s a free yet dependable service cannot be overstated. There are no complex settings, annoying advertisements, downloads, or memberships.

Let’s go through the advantages of utilizing Opera VPN:

  • The Opera browser, which is also free, comes with a built-in service that is completely free.
  • Like any other VPN, it protects your online identity.
  • There are no further downloads or memberships needed.
  • There are no bandwidth restrictions.



Download Opera for free and utilize the built-in VPN without having to pay for a subscription!


While using a VPN can safeguard your privacy while surfing, if malware or a hacker succeeds to take control of your computer, your data will be compromised regardless of what you do.

That is why it is always a good idea to use a reliable VPN in conjunction with a solid antivirus protection solution.

That stated, recommending one of the finest systems on the market should be a no-brainer, and Bitdefender is a great match.

For more than 18 years, this worldwide pioneer in cybersecurity has been safeguarding over 500 million computers, and it continues to do so now.

Bitdefender has you covered from all aspects, whether you are searching for home security, work protection, or even if you are an Internet provider.

The software package will provide you with a comprehensive security system for your PC, safeguarding you and your personal information without ever allowing attackers access to the machine.

Let’s have a look at Bitdefender’s key features:

  • Unparalleled security
  • There were no IP leaks discovered.
  • Very simple to use
  • Protects your identity from anybody, even your internet service provider.


Bitdefender VPN (Virtual Private Network)

For the greatest results in safeguarding your online privacy, add the Bitdefender Premium VPN to the bundle.


Surfshark is a method created by Surfshark LTD that many people use when they are weary of limited material on the Internet or when they are concerned about being monitored.

You can be confident that no one, even your network administrator, ISP, or government, will ever know what you’re doing online if you use this sophisticated VPN system.

You may now relax and appreciate all the internet has to offer. Get immediate, safe access to all of your favorite content on a variety of devices, including smartphones, PCs, and tablets.

As a result, utilize Surfshark to ensure that your location remains secret and sensitive data remains safe at all times.

Take a look at some of Surfshark’s key features:

  • Access to restricted material is granted instantly and in a safe manner.
  • Ad-blocker built-in
  • If your VPN connection fails, it disables your Internet access.
  • With one membership, you may use as many devices as you like.



Ensure that your location is secret and that your important data is protected at all times.


81th Perimeter is a professional-grade VPN designed specifically for small companies, making it ideal for usage in the workplace.

It’s an excellent option for these trying times, when many workers work from home and must keep their communication lines safe.

Perimeter 81 does this by using a so-called Software-Defined Perimeter, which enables your business to limit network access while still providing secure routes to shared systems.

Each device will be validated before being given network access, which will, of course, improve security and reduce the risk of data loss.

Perimeter 81, a cloud-based VPN option, is also available. This allows you to expand your network as your company grows without having to invest in more gear.

Take a look at the key characteristics of Perimeter 81:

  • Remote access that is secure.
  • Security protocols include OpenVPN, L2TP, IKEv2, and PPTP.
  • All major platforms are supported, including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days.


Perimeter 81

Provide a complete set to your IT team for their most important networking and security requirements.

The finest IP concealing programs are included in the list above, and we guarantee the quality and safety of each product.

If you have any more questions or ideas, please leave them in the comments area below, and we’ll be sure to look into them.

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The world of computers is forever changing, and the software that runs our lives is no exception. With each new version of Microsoft Windows, the operating system becomes more and more useful for taking your privacy to the next level. Although Windows 10 is a great operating system for a lot of reasons, you can use a few tricks to make it a little more private.. Read more about best vpn to hide ip address and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hide my IP address on Windows 10?

To hide your IP address on Windows 10, open the command prompt and type in ipconfig /release. This will release your IP address from the network.

How do I hide my IP address software?

You can hide your IP address by using a VPN.

How do I hide my IP address for free Windows 10?

You can use a proxy to hide your IP address.

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