10+ best USB drive encryption software for Windows 10

Since the release of Windows 10, some users have reported that the “Encrypt My Drive” feature is not working properly with some external hard drives. This article will show you how to fix the issue.

With all the cyber attacks on the rise over the past few years, it is important to understand how to secure your online information. However, it is not as easy as just getting a password. Many times, usernames and passwords are not enough to protect sensitive information. This article lists the top 10 best USB drive encryption software for Windows 10.

USB drive encryption is a necessity for a lot of people, especially when it comes to keeping data safe. Windows 10 is a secure operating system, but there may still be times that you want to encrypt your USB drive, or you may need to encrypt your USB drive for some other reason. Hence, we have compiled a list of 10+ best USB drive encryption software for Windows 10, which will help you to keep your electronic data safe.

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Publish date: October 2020

  • It’s just as essential to protect the data on your USB flash drive as it is to use a firewall on your computer.
  • This page contains a comprehensive collection of both free and paid USB disk encryption applications.
  • From password protection to network encryption, the encryption features are diverse. Keep an eye out to discover which one best suits your requirements.


When we need to transmit data, USB flash drives are portable storage devices. come in handy. If you use a public computer, for example, you may utilize them to store sensitive information.

Another advantage of USB sticks is that they are tiny, portable, and simple to store.

However, all of these benefits come with a significant danger of misplacing them. In such an unfortunate occurrence, you lose important information while simultaneously allowing a stranger access to your most private information.

Unfortunately, unlike your computer or phone, you cannot password-protect your whole USB flash drive. You may purchase a hardware-encrypted encrypted flash drive. Alternatively, software may be used to provide a comparable degree of USB data security.

Nonetheless, you must consider the possibility that you may need to decrypt the data at some point in the future.

The encryption software will already be installed on your computer if you simply use the USB stick on your computer. However, if you need to move data across computers, the encryption tool will cause problems.

The most convenient method is to save the program on a USB flash drive. A solution is to partition the USB stick and encrypt just a portion of it. The encryption tool may be kept on a non-encrypted disk.

This way, you may use the program straight from the stick to decrypt the data on any machine.

However, you must ensure that the encryption software is compatible with the computer’s operating system.


USB Encryption by Gilisoft is a simple solution for securing data saved on USB flash drives.

It divides your USB flash drive into two sections: one that is protected and one that is viewable.

Any kind of data that this program will password-protect may be stored in the protected zone.

Gilisoft USB Encryption has several extremely helpful features, such as compatibility with most Windows operating systems, including XP and Vista.

You’ll also get free updates to newer software versions after you’ve installed it on your device.

Media that is backed up:

  • USB flash drives
  • Thumb Drives are a kind of thumb drive that is used to
  • Memory Sticks
  • Memory Cards
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Drives with a Jump


Gilisoft USB Encryption

To keep your USB data secure from prying eyes, use this effective and user-friendly solution.


The USB Encryptor by DoGoodsoft is a sophisticated piece of software that encrypts USB devices and external hard drives. It allows you to quickly encrypt both big and small folders or files using a password.

You don’t have to install the program on each folder or disk you wish to encrypt. Simply put it in that position, and it will begin encrypting immediately.

It features a simple interface that enables you to quickly encrypt and decode data. Creating a password is equally simple and straightforward. 

DoGoodsoftware USB Encryption also allows you to generate read-only files in addition to password encryption. This function comes in handy when you need to transmit sensitive information while ensuring that it is neither changed or destroyed in the process.

DoGoodsoftware also has the following important features:

  • It’s also possible to utilize it on local disks.
  • Subfolders and subfiles are encrypted.
  • Protects network shared folders by encrypting them.

DoGoodsoftware USB Encryptor is a commercial program with a 30-day free trial that runs on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.


DoGoodsoft USB Encryptor

Advanced and quick password encryption will keep your data safe.


TrueCrypt has been upgraded and enhanced to become VeraCrypt. VeraCrypt was created to address many of the security problems in TrueCrypt by combining three distinct encryption algorithms: AES 256-BIT, TwoFish, and Serpent.

The portable program may be run straight from the USB stick. It’s also totally free to use if you use it for drives with a maximum capacity of 2GB. VeraCypt may be difficult to manage, according to some users.

The program generates virtual disk volumes that are password-protected. Simply insert the USB flash drive into the computer and run the VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard. You have the option of encrypting the whole memory stick or establishing a volume.

VeraCrypt comes in 37 different languages.

Obtain Veracypt


This software, like VeraCrypt, does not need installation and operates without administrator privileges. You must still execute an.exe file from the USB drive. This opens a command prompt as well as a browser window. To install the Safe Zone, just provide a password and click Create.

It functions as an encrypted safe box on the memory stick after it is set up. You just copy your data there, and they will be secured immediately.

This software has something unique about it. The encrypted files are compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems. 

The interface is accessible in English, Dutch, German, and Italian, however the download page and manuals are in German.

Obtain SecurStick


This is another another piece of software that works on both Windows and Mac OS. You do not need to install the application on your computer, just like the software mentioned above. When you encrypt your USB memory stick, you’re really installing a portable vault to protect your data. The PC version has additional functionality than the portable version.

ENC DataVault is not free, but you can get a taste of what it can accomplish during the 14-day trial period.

One advantage is that the program may be used not just with a USB stick, but also with any cloud storage account, as well as any laptop or desktop computer, with the same goal of encrypting data.

Obtain ENC DataVault


USB Secure was created with the simple goal of encrypting USB flash devices.

You may store your contact information on the flash drive, which is a unique feature of this program. If your USB stick is lost, someone will be able to notify you if it is found.

You can view data on any computer without installing the program once it’s loaded on a USB flash drive. You have two choices for accessing your files: unlock them or use a virtual disk.

When the USB stick is inadvertently disconnected, this comes in useful. The interface is designed in the style of a traditional USB flash drive.

You may use the software three times using the trial version.

Obtain USB Secure


AES 256-BIT encryption is also supported by this program. It encrypts the whole USB flash drive except for a section where the application is stored. The encrypted files are concealed and can only be accessed by directly executing the application from the memory stick. You won’t have to install the program on your computer this way.

Keep an eye on the data you’ve previously saved to the USB flash drive. When you set up the USB Flash Security program, it wipes all of your data.

This software may be purchased in a variety of ways. You may, however, check out the free edition, which is restricted to one USB flash drive with a maximum storage capacity of 4 GB.

USB Flash Security is a program that allows you to protect your USB flash drive.


The Rohos Mini Drive safeguards your USB memory stick, but the company also makes devices for your PC or external hard drive.

On the memory stick, it generates two partitions: a concealed one and an open one. You must save the Rohos Disk Browser tool from your desktop to the open partition. You can then view your encrypted files from any computer, even if you don’t have administrator privileges.

Rohos Mini Drive is freeware, however it can only hold up to 8GB of data. 

Rohos Mini Drive is available for purchase.


LybreCrypt is a freeware program that was formerly known as DoxBox. There are no size restrictions on USB flash drives, and you may encrypt as many as you like.

Only Windows can execute the application. However, the data you’ve encrypted may be transferred to Linux-based computers.

There are two versions of this application. DoxBox is a program that runs on a desktop and creates a vault on a USB stick.

The other version is intended to make the encrypted data accessible on any computer without the need for software installation. AES, Twofish, and Serpent are the three encryption methods used by LibraCrypt.

Obtain LibreCrypt


USBCrypt is another Windows application that encrypts data on removable media. It can also encrypt disks connected through eSATA or FireWire.

The program, like the other applications in this post, encrypts USB memory flash devices using the AES algorithm. It generates a Virtual Encrypted Disk that is password-protected. It includes a comprehensive user manual as well as screenshots.

USBCrypt’s trial edition includes a 30-day full-featured license.

Obtain USBCrypt


The AES 256-bit encryption technique is used in both of these programs. What sets it apart is that it is compatible with Windows, Android, and Mac operating systems.

USB memory sticks and other USB devices are compatible with the USB encryption version (memory cards, external HDD). After you’ve set it up, all you have to do now is drag and drop your files into the Vault, and they’ll be instantly encrypted.

Although Kruptos 2 Go-USB Vault is not free, it is more affordable than comparable premium goods.

Obtain Kruptos 2 Go


Idoo USB Encryption is simple to use. On your USB memory stick, this software may establish a secure zone and a public zone. To get access to the secure area, you must first enter a password. You may also access the USB encrypted data without needing to install the software on any computer.

A helpful feature is password recovery. However, some users claim that this may be concerning at times. The password is delivered to a particular email address in plain text. This means the password is kept on the developer’s servers.

There are a few alternatives for obtaining Idoo USB Encryption depending on the quantity of licenses you need. 

Idoo USB Encryption is available for purchase.


USB Enforced Encryption, formerly known as EasyLock, is a sophisticated encryption software. It can encrypt local folders on your computer, USB storage devices, and even data sent to online services.

The program has a lot of features and uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure your files.

Using the password established while encrypting the files, sensitive data may be securely moved between Windows and macOS using EasyLock.

Encrypt your USB drive using USB Enforced Encryption.

For storing and transmitting critical information, USB memory sticks are required.

Although cloud storage is a wonderful option, some users prefer to utilize a physical storage device.

Finally, use one of the USB encryption applications mentioned above to keep your data safe.

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USB flash drives are extremely useful and pretty easy to carry around, but not all of us know what to do when the time comes to protect our sensitive files from prying eyes. But, with the right software, all of your files will be safe from hackers and data thieves.. Read more about veracrypt usb encryption software and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I encrypt my USB for free?

There are a few ways to encrypt your USB. The easiest way is to use the free software TrueCrypt, which can be found on Google Play or iTunes. Another option is to use the open-source Disk Utility app from Apples App Store.

How do I encrypt a flash drive in Windows 10?

To encrypt a flash drive in Windows 10, you will need to download software such as TrueCrypt. After downloading the program, open it up and click on Create Volume. From there, select your desired encryption method and then enter a password.

What is the best encryption for Windows 10?

The best encryption for Windows 10 is AES 256-bit.

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