Five Reasons to Use Microsoft Great Plains Salesforce Integration

One of the most talked about topics in the software industry is the integration of Salesforce and Great Plains. Since their release, Salesforce and Great Plains have been the talk of the industry. Salesforce is touted to be the next big thing in the industry and Great Plains is considered to be the “old” industry standard. To help you decide if Salesforce and Great Plains is right for you, we have put together some reasons why they work so well together.

Using a data integration tool is a good idea for any business, and Salesforce and Great Plains are two of the best tools available. In this blog post, we’ll show you five reasons to use Microsoft Great Plains Salesforce Integration.

One of the biggest benefits of Salesforce is the fact that it’s a one-stop shop for all the tools you need to manage your business. Today, we’re going to be focussing on the Salesforce to Great Plains integration, an integration that can be used to manage multiple sales processes.

Coordinated ERP and CRM systems that are linked via integration boost productivity and information availability at every level. Improved access leads to better decision-making, more strategic utilization of opportunities, and higher production standards. When you integrate Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM, you improve your company’s capacity to concentrate on long-term growth.

Because of your integration, all players, including customers, employees, and executives, will have greater transparency. Each individual may free their work (or experience) from chaotic fragmentation. Rather, the new approach breaks through the barriers across siloed platforms, allowing data to be transformed into market advantages and new capabilities via automated data replication and transfer.

Allow your data to flow freely and empower your workers. Examine the top four advantages and capabilities that Great Plains and Salesforce connection can provide. 

More Accurate Sales

Salesforce provides salespeople, support workers, and marketing managers with client data in ways that they require, and Great Plains only adds to their knowledge.

Great Plains offers inventory and operational data that may assist your teams in making better decisions and pushing them to be more accurate in their quotes, contacts, and campaigns. This seems to be clear expectations and a seamless business experience with consumers and clients. 

With Confidence, Purchase

Some employees of your company approach goods from a totally different angle. They are in charge of ordering and stocking the necessary resources and materials to keep the company running.

Supply slows and earnings plummet without stock and inventory. Along with the revenue increase from integration, you’ll notice that when Great Plains is coupled with customer data and trends from a CRM, ordering may be more accurate and predictive.

Budgeting through Prediction

It’s difficult to predict how financials will be restricted or inflated as a result of shortages, supplies, and requests. Inventory shortages are common, and they impede service delivery as well as revenue growth.

However, by integrating Great Plains with Salesforce, businesses can predict the requirements of their budgets, stock, and consumers. After that, they’ll be able to spot purchasing patterns, devise aggressive tactics, and deploy the appropriate resources.

Bring New Life to Your Collaborations

As companies and compartmentalized databases expand, their employees get more engulfed in their own area of work, seeing just what “needed” to be viewed in their job. While integration always comes with rights and access control, for these teams who get separated over time, the link is much more than a software option. In this sense, integration entails bringing disparate teams together and coordinating their efforts via data.

Employees will have a smoother, more productive work experience as a result of the more comprehensive image of the business and the real-time speed of information changes. One department’s ideas may be shared without undue effort, such as manual data input and record requests. The ability to view orders and service requests with client histories and profiles enhances the job itself.

Personalize for your clients

Your company provides a service that fills a need in your client’s life. When it comes to providing goods that appeal to customers, solutions that work, and long-term happiness, a lack of internal communication may be holding you back. When Great Plains and Salesforce can live peacefully and smoothly, you can customize for your customers, resulting in increased revenue and loyalty.

Collaborations between your teams and reps in the past may have shown a lack of coordination to your customers, leading them to question your expertise. Maybe your staff couldn’t get information quickly enough, or they couldn’t execute a function because of their restricted perspective of the company. Integration, on the other hand, provides them with the most precise, relevant, and useful data they need to build an experience.

Even something as basic as timely invoicing, for example, shows your consumers that you are in control of transactions and clients. Integration allows for self-service and automation as the system becomes more sophisticated. This gives the idea that your client can personalize and manage their connection with you, which is essential.

Microsoft Great Plains Salesforce integration benefits customers, leadership, and representatives with full-spectrum access to data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need integration in Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that allows for the management of customer relationships, sales, and marketing.

What is Microsoft Great Plains used for?

Microsoft Great Plains is a database management system that was developed by Microsoft. It is used for managing customer information, billing, and other administrative tasks.

Why Microsoft Dynamics is better than Salesforce?

Microsoft Dynamics is a more robust software that provides a wide range of features and capabilities.

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