Troubleshooting: `The AC power adapter type cannot be determined`

Today, I’ll show how to troubleshoot a problem I’ve been seeing since the release of my new Windows 8 tablet. Other users have posted on the Lenovo Community forums asking about what the problem means and how to fix it.

If you have a Macbook Air, you’ve probably heard the sound of the adapter being plugged in and having the familiar clicking sound that confirms the power is on. You may also have heard this sound when plugging in an AC charger for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. If you have this issue, chances are it is due to the AC power adapter not being recognized by the system.

The above error message is typically caused by an incompatible adapter, but other problems could be the result of faulty hardware or software. Here are a few troubleshooting tips:

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You’ll need another original charger with the proper voltage/amperage to quickly fix this ‘The AC power adapter type cannot be identified’ issue.

To begin, try a new Dell power adapter. Replace the power plug if it doesn’t fix the issue. Replace the motherboard if the problem isn’t caused by the adapter or plug.

Why is it that you can’t tell what kind of AC power adapter you have?


This error message indicates that your computer is unable to recognize the connected charger. The power connection has three pins: two for power and ground, and one for signaling the power supply as a compatible device (Dell). The power source will not be able to charge the battery if the laptop does not receive the signal, but it will be able to power the laptop. If the charger power is greater than the manufacturer’s standard, this safeguards the battery against excessive currents. If you disregard this warning, your system performance will suffer, and your CPU clock speed will be reduced.

This issue may be caused by using the incorrect charger. It may also be the result of a failed data connection used to identify the charger, or an issue with the charger (cable, plug, or center pin) or the laptop (power input jack or motherboard). It’s an excellent idea to get a new adaptor, but not to replace the battery. The battery has nothing to do with this issue. If you plug in the adapter without the battery, you’ll receive the same error message.

How can I fix the problem notice “Power supply type cannot be detected”?


Updated in August 2021:

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Reboot your computer system.

You may switch off the computer to address the issue of not being able to identify the kind of power adapter.

  1. Remove any external devices from the computer, including flash drives, printers, and external hard drives.
  2. Remove the battery, unplug the battery charger, and turn off the laptop.
  3. For at least 30 seconds, press and hold the power switch.
  4. After that, replace the battery, charge it, and turn on the computer.
  5. Then see whether the error “Cannot identify power supply type” has been fixed.

The power outage alerts are turned off.

You may deactivate the power supply warnings if you can charge your computer properly but often get an error message stating that the power supply type cannot be identified. This step, however, does not imply that the error notice will be deleted.

  1. To access the BIOS, restart the computer and hit the key combination as soon as the logo displays.
  2. Click the Advanced tab in the BIOS, then the Adapter Warnings option.
  3. Then choose Disable from the drop-down menu.
  4. Exit the BIOS after saving your modifications.
  5. After you’ve completed all of the instructions, restart your computer to see whether the “Power adapter type cannot be recognized” error still appears when you boot it up.

Replace the adaptor if necessary.

You can check whether there is a problem with your adapter to fix the issue of not being able to identify the kind of power adapter. You may accomplish this by seeing whether the adapter works on another computer or if another adapter on your computer works. If that’s the case, your own adapter is defective and has to be changed.

If your adapter seems to be in good working order, the issue may be anywhere. Loose soldering in the charger, for example, may be the reason, as could a damaged contact, blown capacitors, or a defective connection. In some cases, the issue can only be solved by replacing the adapter.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions




We get this error if the AC power adapter used with a micro USB port seems to be incompatible with the Android devices. In this tutorial we will learn how to troubleshoot the AC power adapter type cannot be determined error message.. Read more about ac adapter not recognized dell fix and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when the AC power adapter wattage Cannot be determined?

When the AC power adapter wattage cannot be determined, it means that the adapter is not being recognized by your system. This could be due to a faulty or incompatible power cord, or a damaged power jack on the console.

Why is my AC adapter not recognized?

The AC adapter that comes with the PSVR headset is not compatible with any other devices.

How do I know if my AC adapter is bad?

You can check the voltage output with a multimeter. If it is less than 18 volts, then your adapter is bad.

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