Microsoft Programs Every College Student Should Use 2021

Windows 10 is a great operating system but it’s free for college students. However, what if I told you that there are several programs that Microsoft offers that are perfect for college students and are completely free? Below is a list of Windows 10 only programs that college students will find useful.

Microsoft has a bunch of programs that every college student should use. These programs range from free to paid, but they can all help college students get the most out of their education. Below are a few of the programs that college students should use in the years ahead.

As the years pass, we continue to see more and more students choosing to enroll in college. But how prepared are those students to be successful in their chosen programs? At some point it becomes important to have all the information necessary to successfully navigate your programs, and that is where you’re going to need Microsoft Office programs.

College students use a variety of software applications to accomplish coursework and research projects. Keeping this in mind, numerous apps for Microsoft Windows users have been created to make these chores simple and efficient. Furthermore, the majority of these apps are either free or inexpensive for students.

However, considering the large number of apps accessible today, choosing the appropriate ones may be difficult. If you’re a student, this list of Microsoft programs will come in handy since it includes applications that will benefit every college student.

MS office

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MS Office is a sophisticated Microsoft application that provides students with unique features to help them unleash their greatest ideas, get things done, and remain connected. As a student, all you have to do is sign up for a customized experience with the most up-to-date apps.

With MS Office, you’ll have access to a full-featured word processing software for both Windows and Mac operating systems that can help you with tasks such as opening, typing, and editing documents.

You’ll be able to use visual tools, pivot tables, and macro-programming language in Excel and PowerPoint, and show your work with ease in presentations.


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Cortana will assist you as a student in achieving more with less work while concentrating on what matters most to you. It allows you to obtain material and communicate with other students more quickly.

In Windows, it has a chat-based UI that will allow you to interact with typed or spoken queries. Depending on your preference, the Cortana app can be resized, moved and docked on your desktop to enable you to accommodate your workflow. It also comes with enhanced security and privacy, so you can be confident when keeping your information on it.

Professional assistance with college essays

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If you’re a college student, you probably have a lot of tasks to do and little time to squeeze in some additional study time. You may hire Edubirdie to assist you with your work if you’re having trouble managing your time as a student. Professional essay writers at our top writing agency will complete your tasks for you. Regardless of the subject, you will get dependable essays that will not jeopardize your marks. So, if you need assistance in completing your essays on time, you might consider using our essay writing service.

Visual Studio is a program developed by Microsoft.

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This is one of the finest tools you may use as a computer science student or if you have a strong interest for computer-related applications to write quicker, work with the best IDE, and develop your concept to final deployment.

No matter how complicated the file you’re working with is, IntelliSense code recommendations enable you to work fast and correctly while keeping your speed.

In addition, the CodeLens will assist you in identifying critical insights such as code modifications and their effect. It allows you to stop code execution and examine the state using the breakpoint and method.

OneDrive is a service provided by Microsoft.

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Because of problems connected with physical storage components, data loss is a major issue for college students. Imagine losing your important project on an SD card or external hard drive and having no other means of retrieving the data.

You may use Microsoft OneDrive to store your files and personal data in the cloud, such as recovery keys, passwords, shared files, and window settings. You may log in to your vault, read, and complete any assignments from the comfort of your own home as long as you have stable internet connection. It comes with 5 GB of free storage and storage choices of 100 GB, 1 TB, and 6 TB.

Bing Maps

Students will be able to examine, modify, and incorporate maps in tutorials or assignments on online apps provided in college using this software program and service. It uses interactive maps, autosuggest, route locations, spatial math libraries, and geocoding to make geographical viewing and analysis easier.

You may use this software as a college student studying a business-related course to learn more about data mapping from various sources and the Visual Basics for Application interface, which enables automation of the mapping point process.

At the conclusion of your college degree, you’ll know how to use mixed reality experiences to reach millions of people all over the world. Furthermore, you may use this software to create android-based apps.


This is a collection of Microsoft applications that college students will find helpful. The use of each of these apps will vary depending on your course and assignment kinds. However, they may make completing projects a breeze, so give each one a go to see which ones you like using as a college student.

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