Top 6 Best Web Hosting Canada 2021 [High Uptime]

The Internet is more than just a source of information and entertainment. It is also a huge asset to businesses, providing them with numerous ways to promote their goods and services and interact with their potential customers. When it comes to web hosting, you need a reliable provider, one that has tech support 24/7 and offers multiple server locations across the country. That is why our top 6 picks for the Best Web Hosting Canada are based on our thorough research and analysis of multiple factors.

Top 6 Best Web Hosting Canada 2021 [High Uptime]

In a world where content is king, online media is more important than ever. Content is what gets the conversation started, it’s what keeps the users coming back for more, and it’s what drives traffic to your website. If you don’t have enough content, it’s a lot harder for people to find you.

As you’ve got here, I assume you’re searching for the finest web hosting Canada has to offer.

In this age of cloud hosting & CDNs, there are still many advantages to hosting websites with the region preference.

I commend you for purchasing a web hosting server for your Canadian audience.

I can recommend several great servers with high dependability and enhanced security for business sites since I utilize a variety of web providers for my business customers.

Before I get into the specifics of the best hosting services in Canada or the businesses that operate data centers there, I’d like to summarize the benefits of purchasing a region-based server for your site’s users.

The Advantages of Purchasing Region-Specific Web Hosting 

  • The region-based web hosting can help you host your websites located on the specific server locations of the region where your audience resides & from where they access your websites. More closure the distance between audience & web server, faster the loading of web pages. 
  • Secondly, customer support in the native language can be a huge advantage to have a region-specific web hosting company. The hosting Company’s office located in the same region where you reside gives you easy & quick access to get face-to-face web hosting deals. 
  • Finally, the payment facilities in the local currency save you the time when you file tax papers later. The local currency billing saves you the currency conversion charges on every billing; otherwise, you bear the loss if you have to pay in foreign currency.

I’ve got six suggestions for you. I’ve worked with each of the six distinct hosting providers, either for my own specialty websites in Canada or for customer websites there. Before I show you the best web hosting packages in Canada, I’ll explain the criteria I used to rank them. 

How Do You Pick the Best Hosting Server in Canada?

  1. Locations of the Servers

I prefer a Canadian web hosting provider with server locations across Canada, such as Toronto. A hosting business with server locations near to Canada’s audience but outside of Canada gets less of my attention.

  1. Uptime of the server 

To compile this list, I looked for hosting providers in Canada that had a server uptime of at least 99.9%. 

  1. Scalability of the server

Is it feasible to grow your server resources in response to unexpected traffic surges while gaining press/news coverage?

  1. Currency Billing 

Billing in (CAD) Canadian dollars should be available from the finest Canada web hosting. 

  1. Customer service 

In my list, having Canadian support or offices in Canadian cities earns you a better rating. 

  1. User-Friendliness

The best web host should offer user-friendly administrative dashboards or control panels that you and I are acquainted with.

  1. Features 

What about free domains, SSL certificates, CDNs, IP addresses, and large bandwidth?

  1. Security 

What about anti-malware, anti-spam, and anti-DDOS attacks? Industry-leading security standards should be used by the finest web hosting business in Canada. 

Top 6 Hosting Providers for Canadian Businesses

I’ve chosen the finest web hosting Canada for your company based on the following factors.

1. Cloudways – Canada’s Best WordPress Hosting


You may host servers on Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode using Cloudways. Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Digital Ocean all have data centers in Montreal and Toronto. Choose Canada data centers to host your website or applications when filling out a registration form.  

Instead of using other Canadian web hosting providers, Cloudways offers a significant advantage. Cloudways, unlike other hosts, does not have its own data centers. Cloudways instead offers managed hosting services, leaving the server to Big Bs such as Google, Amazon, Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode. This does not imply that you must buy hosting accounts from the Big Bs. 

Cloudways plans include hosting account purchases. You can do all the tasks like server deployments, software installations, adding domains & websites, server monitoring, security watches, installing server-level software upgrades & patches in just a few clicks inside the server administration dashboard. I highly recommend this managed cloud hosting service as we use Cloudways to launch 4 different blogs and are satisfied with the speed and uptime performance.


  • Toronto and Montreal are two of Canada’s data centers.
  • Use Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, or Digital Ocean to host your website.
  • The plans are reasonably priced. You just pay for the resources that you utilize. 
  • You may easily scale down via the admin dashboard. 
  • CloudwaysCDN is simple to implement and is also quite cheap.
  • Cloudways specializes on PHP-based applications such as WordPress, making it the finest WordPress web hosting platform in Canada. 
  • For a lightning-fast experience, use the Breeze cache plugin.
  • Cloudways offers a unique coupon code – WPGLOSSY – for a $30 discount, allowing you to try out the basic plan for three months for free.

2. GreenGeeks – Canada’s Low-Cost Web Hosting   


Greengeeks is a pristine Green energy business, as the name implies. As of now, many hosting businesses generate Green energy in proportion to the amount of energy they use. GreenGeeks, on the other hand, generate three times the energy they use. They also have servers in Canada. 

GreenGeeks offers the best cheap Canada hosting. If you are starting, get started with their shared hosting plans that cost so cheap at $2.95. When you buy the GreenGeeks hosting, choose the data center Toronto or Montreal so that your Canadian audience can get faster ping time & quicker page loading. 

Fast SSD drives, the most recent PHP version, Litespeed caching technology, MariaDB’s most secure DB servers, HTTP/3 technology, and a free Cloudfare CDN are all available at GreenGeeks. Many of my customers express gratitude to me for referring GreenGeeks to help them move from their old, sluggish hosts. They receive a high-speed loading website from day one after migration. 


  • Toronto and Montreal are two Canadian data centers.
  • Green energy that is 300 percent clean 
  • Shared hosting, reseller fees, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers are all options.
  • For lightning speed, use the latest server specs such as LiteSpeed cache and HTTP/3.
  • Cloudflare CDN is available for free.
  • Account isolation and a secure vFS system protect each hosting account on the same server from neighboring accounts.

3. A2Hosting – Canada’s Fastest Web Hosting


For your Canadian small business websites, WordPress websites, eCommerce websites, and applications, A2Hosting is the next best web hosting option. A2Hosting offers 20 times the speed of conventional shared hosting. If your Canada website receives regular traffic, the A2Hosting shared plan is a good option. If you have more than a hundred simultaneous hits, you might consider their VPS or dedicated servers. 

A2Hosting doesn’t have data centers in Canada but has in Michigan & Arizona; both are fantastic options for your Canada-targeted websites. These servers have low latency while accessing from Canada, thus provides fast page load speed. Choose A2Hosting Swiftservers plan with Turbo technology, which gives you 20x fast loading pages than regularly shared hosts. 

This best Canada hosting gives you free account migration, a 99.9% uptime commitment, and a money-back guarantee if you dislike them within 30 days. A2Hosting also gives you reseller hosting with the world-class WHM control panel to manage client accounts and the free billing system option along with that. A2Hosting’s shared plans are optimized for WordPress, Joomla & Drupal CMS systems. 


  • Unrestricted Migration 
  • Turbo-charged servers 
  • SSL certification is provided for free.
  • Control panel for cPanel is simple to use.
  • Plan for performance as well as traffic surge prevention 
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through live chat, phone, and email. 

4. WHC — Well-known Canadian Hosting


This top web hosting offers Canada company, as the name implies, concentrates only on hosting in Canada. WHC’s headquarters are located at 301 Clark Street, Montreal, QUEBEC, H2R 2Y3, Canada. WHC has a Canadian customer service staff that can assist you in your native tongue. The servers are situated on Canada’s East and West Coasts, minimizing latency and substantially improving page loading times for Canadian visitors.

WordPress hosting, Canadian web hosting, Canadian reseller hosting, and dedicated servers are all available via the company. WHC also offers Canadian Cloud hosting, which allows you to have both Cloud and Canada area hosting. For your websites and applications, I recommend using Canadian Cloud hosting. That’s ideal for the task. Web hosting in Canada is extremely inexpensive and accessible. You’ve got it. CA domains are available for C$2.99 per year and are paid in Canadian Dollars. 

WHC hosting plans include Cloudlinux and the easiest cPanel in the world. WHC promises to be able to install over 300 applications with a single click, including WordPress and Joomla. Over 60000 Canadian small companies rely on WHC Canada hosting. If you are currently hosting with a poor host, you may move to WHC for free. Yes, the Canadian professional team can help you with your free migration. Additionally, you may have your email hosting transferred for free. 


  • Raid-10 Redundancy on SSD Servers
  • Free SSL
  • Firewalls with advanced features
  • Call customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via phone or email in English or French. 
  • Dedicated IP addresses, external backups, and Softaculous are available for a fee. 

5. Inmotion Hosting – Safe Web Hosting in Canada


360N, Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite 1055, El Sequndo, CA 90245-4414 is the address of Inmotion Hosting Company. Inmotion Hosting has been in operation for more than two decades. They are well-versed in all aspects of the server industry. For an extra fee, you can receive SEO, Web design, and other services from the Inmotion hosting team in addition to hosting. 

Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and server clusters are all available from Inmotion Hosting in Canada. Many of their hosting plans include free migration, a free domain for a year, a free dedicated IP address, and other benefits. Furthermore, all hosting orders include a 90-day money-back guarantee and a free softaculous app installation. 

Inmotion hosting is an excellent WordPress site hosting provider in Canada since it provides free Jetpack personal plans. Jetpack Personal gives you access to more than 100 WordPress themes, daily backups, a CDN, and social networking features. WordPress hosting plans feature the Speed Coach plugin, Total Upkeep plugin, free SSD storage, and NGINX sophisticated caching technology, and are hosted on the newest PHP8 servers. 


  • Hosting business headquartered in Canada 
  • Twenty years of experience as a host. 
  • Free domain & Free SSL
  • Free dedicated IP & Free Premium WordPress Plugins
  • Access to the servers through SSH
  • There is a discount for Inmotion hosting.
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, and PHP code

6. HostPapa – Reliable Business Hosting in Canada


HostPapa is the best Canada hosting that offers data centers in TORONTO and MONTREAL. It provides a payment facility in Canadian Dollars. You get the native language customer support. HostPapa is the ideal hosting Company that offers optimized hosting for Canadian small business owners, eCommerce websites, and Canadian non-profits. The exceptional thing about HostPapa is that they are independently owned & operated, thus has more power to maintain quality, no compromise on that. 

HostPapa is one of the first few web hosting companies who adapted green hosting to put back 100% of the energy they consume through wind & solar power. Thus reduces the carbon footprint and support renewable energy initiatives. They also care about their customers much not the stock price like other bad hosts. Their servers boast a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 Staffed security. Hostpapa has won several awards and consistently being ranked in the top 10 Canadian web hosting companies. 

This web hosting business in Canada provides shared hosting, email hosting, domains, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, and virtual private server (VPS) hosting. Its hosting options include a free domain, SSL certificate, and cPanel. Hostpapa is also renowned for its award-winning customer service, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through phone, email, and chat.


  • Data centers in Canada are available. 
  • Payment in Canadian Dollars (CAD) is accepted.
  • Free SSL, cPanel, and domain registration
  • Customer service that has won awards
  • Own data center & Own operation. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Canada’s Best Hosting Providers

Are Canada Hosts reputable?

Canada hosting providers, like other nation hosts, adhere to all hardware, software, and security requirements. So, sure, Canadian hosts are dependable, secure, and trustworthy. 

What is a decent web hosting company in Canada?

Out of all the choices, Cloudways, GreenGeeks, and HostPapa are the three best Canadian web hosting providers, and yes, they have data centers in Canada.

Which data centers in Canada are the fastest?

Toronto & Montreal data centers are fast. Toronto data centers have more traffic than Montreal. 

Does Google Cloud & Amazon Web services have data centers in Canada?

Yes, Google Cloud & Amazon web services both have data centers located in Montreal, Canada. You can purchase hosting from these servers through Cloudways. 

Which DigitalOcean server offers the fastest WordPress hosting in Canada?

Cloudways provides super-fast DO server hosting for businesses in Canada.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Web Hosting in Canada?

Cloudways is the best web hosting Canada Company. Cloudways do not have their own data centers like GreenGeeks or HostPapa. Instead, it offers managed hosting services for the World’s top hosting servers of Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Vultr & Linode.

When you are with Cloudways, scaling the resources is easy & instant. The scaling can be done via the admin dashboard in clicks. Thus, your website can handle sudden traffic spikes super easily. It has a high-speed Digital ocean server in Toronto, and hence it is considered the best web hosting Canada WordPress.

Cloudways scored the lowest in the ping time test for Canadian audiences, implying lightning-fast page loading times. The following hosts scored the highest in the ping time test: HostPapa, GreenGeeks, A2Hosting, WHC, and lastly, Inmotion Hosting.

HostPapa is ideal for small businesses and new businesses. GreenGeeks and A2Hosting, on the other hand, provide quality hosting services for small to medium-sized businesses. Both are environmentally friendly web hosting providers that help to minimize carbon emissions.

Small and medium-sized companies, large organizations, bloggers, digital marketers, and corporations all benefit from Cloudways hosting. They provide hosting options for businesses of all sizes, and the servers are always available since they are hosted by large firms like as Google, Amazon, and Digital Ocean.

So, where are you currently hosting your company’s website? Leave a comment and tell me what your site’s experience after migrating from a bad host to Cloudways, Canada’s finest web hosting provider. Let’s have a conversation about your server experience.

Web hosting is an essential piece of any businesses infrastructure. But, unless you have a good web hosting provider, your website will not be able to accomplish its full potential. We have tried and tested the top 6 web hosting companies in Canada, looking at factors such as uptime, price and customer service to find the best.. Read more about best web hosting canada reddit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best web hosting company in 2021?

I am not sure what this question means.

What is the best web hosting in Canada?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

What is the most reliable Web hosting company?

The most reliable Web hosting company is GoDaddy.

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