6 Ways To Fix Error “This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine” 2021

So, there’s this thing called a Windows Genuine Advantage program, which is supposed to let you know whenever your copy of Windows is not genuine. What happens is Microsoft creates a version of Windows that has some of its code ripped out of it so that it doesn’t work as well as the real one. When the copy of Windows is installed, it sends out a message to everyone saying, “Hey, this copy of Windows is not genuine.” It’s basically like the Windows Genuine Advantage program, but on steroids.

The following are the 6 steps to fix Error “This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine” 2021. Step 1: In the Registry Editor, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager Step 2: Create a new DWORD value named ‘DisableOSCheck’ and set its value to 0 Step 3: In the Registry Editor, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management Step 4: Create a new DWORD value named ‘DisablePagefile’ and set its value to 0 Step 5: In the Registry Editor, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

For the uninitiated, a Genuine Windows installation is one that is not pirated, and is not from an alternative source. But what happens when you attempt to install Windows, and are greeted with the error message “This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine”?

6 Methods for Error Correction One of the most typical errors in the Windows operating system is “This copy of Windows is not Genuine” 2021. The desktop wallpaper you set will be replaced with a blank screen as a result of this mistake. Because this notice and other problems will continue to occur on the laptop, the battery life will be reduced.

6 Methods for Error Correction This is not a genuine copy of Windows.

How to Get Rid of Error This is not a genuine copy of Windows.

If you don’t delete this message, some aspects of Windows 10 will stop working.

This warning can be highly irritating, especially when working with vital items when it shows on a regular basis.

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However, you can continue to use your PC for other purposes, such as finishing your work and using it normally.

The main cause of this issue on your computer is because you did not activate your Windows license after the trial time expired.

This message can also occur if the Windows operating system license you’re using has expired, been restricted, or is unofficial.

Microsoft can also limit your licenses if you share Windows licenses with others, such as friends or family members.

This is because one license is used on multiple computers, or you activate the same license too frequently.

If you get this error on your Windows PC, this discussion will show you how to resolve it.

Here’s how to get rid of the notice “Windows is not genuine.”

The first method is to use the RSOP command.

You can use the RSOP approach to try to fix the issues that appear on your Windows screen.

By following the procedures below, you can create a Resultant Set of Policy Window (RSOP):

1. To launch the Run window, press the Windows key and R on the keyboard.

2. Press the Enter key after typing rsop.msc.


3. Go to Windows settings, select Security system, and then select System services.


4. Locate Plug and play services, right-click on it, and then search for Startup, then click Automatic.


5. As before, press the Windows and R keys, then type or copy and paste the following command: in the Run box type gpupdate/force


6. Turn Off Your Computer

Use the SLMGR-REARM command as a second option.

You may cure this problem in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, and on all versions of the Windows operating system, by utilizing Command Prompt and this easy command:

For additional information, see The Best Antivirus Software for Windows 10 PCs.

1. Open Command Prompt as an administrator by going to Start, type cmd into the search box, right-clicking on the Command prompt, and selecting Run as administrator.

How to fix the error 'This copy of Windows is not Genuine'

2. Type SLMGR-REARM or SLMGR / REARM in the search box.

How to fix the error 'This copy of Windows is not Genuine'

3. A confirmation box will appear; click OK and restart your computer.

SLMGR is a software licensing management solution for Windows. The REARMcommand will clear the license status of the machine.

Solution 3: Verify that your license is legitimate and valid.

If you believe you bought a real license but it turns out to be a fake, you can report the matter to Microsoft, along with the fraudulent software you received, and see what happens.

Read more about Qualcomm Drivers for Windows 7/8/10.

You should also contact your dealer because, in many circumstances, Microsoft support will only assist you with problems if you purchase a Windows OS from a Microsoft store.

Run the Microsoft Genuine Advance Diagnostic Tool (solution 4)

The Microsoft Genuine Advantage assistance tool gives you complete information about the Microsoft Genuine Advantage components and settings on your computer.

You can automatically diagnose and cure the problem “Windows is not genuine.”

Run this tool, copy the results to your clipboard, and then contact Microsoft for genuine Windows technical support.

Download this program, run MGADiag.exe, and then click Continue to see the inspection results.

There will be some valuable information, such as Validation Status, which will indicate whether or not the product key is valid.

Is the product key on Microsoft’s blacklist?

When your Windows installation is identified, you may also be warned if the LegitCheckControl.dll file is corrupted. In this situation, you may receive an error message. Click the Resolve button if there is an issue that this tool can solve.

Solution 5: If you’re using Windows 7, uninstall Update KB971033.

If you’re running Windows 7, Update KB971033 can cause problems.

If you receive the warning “Windows is not genuine” or “This copy of Windows is not genuine,” it signifies that Windows has a new file that can detect your Windows operating system.

As a result, to address this issue, you must remove the KB971033 update.

  1. Start by going to the Control Panel.
  2. Go to the Windows Update area of the website.
  3. Select View installed updates from the drop-down menu.
  4. Look for and remove the KB971033 update after all other updates have been applied.
  5. Start your computer again.

Solution 6: Disable the Automatic Update feature.

Turn off Windows Automatic Updates to prevent the notification “Windows is not authentic” from appearing again.

To disable Windows Automatic Update, follow these steps:

  • By pressing the Start button, you can access the Control panel.
  • Select Windows Update from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Never check for updates under the Install Updates Automatically option (Not Recommended)
  • To save your changes, click Apply and restart your computer.

Note: This error notification will no longer appear on your machine. You cannot, however, update Windows to the most recent version to address faults or add new features.

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Overall, we hope that the procedure outlined above can assist you in resolving an error message claiming that your copy of Windows is not authentic.

There are several additional strategies you can use, but they are all difficult to follow. To avoid such issues, you should not support or install a pirated version of Windows OS and instead obtain a Microsoft Official License.

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Error “This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine” 2021 (0xC1900101-0x40019001) is a generic message that appears when attempting to install an illegitimate copy of Windows. It is also known as the “Installer is not genuine” error, and is commonly caused by having pirated copies of Windows installed on one’s system.. Read more about windows 7 not genuine removal tool download and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of this copy of Windows is not genuine?

To get rid of this message, you can either try to install a genuine copy of Windows or contact Microsoft for help.

How do I fix Windows 7 Build 7600 This copy of Windows is not genuine?

You can try to use the Windows 7 Build 7600 Repair Tool.

What does this copy of Windows is not genuine mean?

This copy of Windows is not genuine.

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