How to Reset Samsung Galaxy Buds [any Galaxy Bud Model]

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They are made by Samsung, but that’s not why you should use them. They are made to be used in conjunction with a Samsung phone, but that’s not why you should use them. They are made to let you listen to music and take phone calls, but that’s not why you should use them. They are a mobile device, but that’s not why you should use them.

Whether you’ve updated your Samsung Galaxy Buds or not, you may want to reset them.  If you’ve updated your Samsung Galaxy Buds, this tutorial will show you how to reset them. If you haven’t updated your Galaxy Buds, this tutorial will show you how to reset them.

Electronic devices have become an integral aspect of modern life. It’s practically difficult to imagine life without them. And, if something were to go wrong with them, it may create panic—well, not for everyone, but those who rely heavily on their gadgets can understand how frustrating it is when they start failing. The same may be stated for Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. It’s possible that the buds will refuse to work even after being restarted. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to resetting your Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds are fully wireless headphones that may be used to listen to music or answer and place calls. Both the buds and the charging case have a good design. The case is small and light, so it will easily fit into your pocket. Yes, there are several models of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, and the technique for resetting them is very same. This guide will also show you how to diagnose your device using numerous methods before factory resetting it.

What is the procedure for resetting Samsung Galaxy Buds?

There are a variety of reasons why you may wish to reset the galaxy Buds in the first place. Because they are electronics in the first place, a few issues are unavoidable. It could be issues like being unable to connect to a new device or just being unable to connect to an already linked device, sporadic disconnection, issues installing updates, distorted audio output, or simply refusing to charge at all.

Samsung Galaxy Buds should be restarted.

When such problems emerge, the first step is to restart them. Yes, the tried-and-true “restart and check if it’s fixed” method usually works. To reactivate the galaxy Buds, perform the following steps.

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  • Disconnect your earbuds from any devices that are linked to them.
  • Replace the earbuds in the charging case.
  • Close the charging case and hold it in that position for 7-8 seconds.
  • Remove the earbuds from the case by opening it.
  • If your previously associated smartphone is within range, the earbuds will immediately pair with it.

Most of the difficulties should be resolved with a simple restart. However, if a specific issue persists, it’s time to factory reset your Galaxy Buds. It’s worth noting that if you factory reset your Galaxy Buds, the Galaxy Wear app won’t recognize them and you’ll have to pair them again. Furthermore, any data stored in the Galaxy Buds’ storage will be fully deleted.

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy Buds to Factory Settings

Before you start the reset, make sure the charging case is at least 50% to 70% charged. This is to ensure that the gadget does not turn off while being reset.

how to reset samsung galaxy budsImage credit: Samsung

If you have the Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live, and the Galaxy Buds Pro, open the Galaxy Wearable app > tap on General > followed by Reset. It will now ask you to confirm with the reset process, tap on Reset to confirm the process.

For the normal Galaxy Buds, open the galaxy Wearables app > tap on the About Earbuds, then Reset. Now, tap on reset to confirm the process.

Users of the Samsung Gear IconX can open the app, go to the Settings menu, and then press the About Gear button. To confirm the operation, touch on the Reset Gear option and select Reset.


And that’s how you fix your Samsung Galaxy Buds that aren’t working. If the problems persist after the reset, you could try checking for updates, if any are available. If these steps still don’t work, it’s time to take your Galaxy Buds to a Samsung Service Center if they’re still under warranty; otherwise, it’s time to acquire a new pair of Galaxy Buds or any other wireless earbuds you prefer.

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Three years ago, Samsung introduced the original Galaxy Buds — earphones that provided touch controls right into your ear canal, and that were designed to work with the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy Buds were a huge hit, but as the years passed, other companies began to release earphones with similar features. That’s the reason why the Galaxy Buds needed an update — they’ve still got the touch controls, but they’ve also evolved into Bluetooth earphones that you can use with any Galaxy smartphone.. Read more about how to reset galaxy buds plus without app and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I force a galaxy Bud to reset?

The only way to force a reset is by going into the settings and turning off your PS4.

Can you replace one galaxy bud?

Yes, you can replace one of the six galaxies in Beat Saber with a different galaxy.

How do I reset my Galaxy Buds without the app?

If you have the Samsung Galaxy Buds, you can reset your device by pressing and holding the power button on the right earbud for 10 seconds.

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