Steam Deck might run Android apps through Windows 11

A talented hardware hacker has created a work around, a bridge, or a workaround, or a hack, a solution, or an approach, or a workaround to running Android apps on Windows through Windows. A fair amount of people have been waiting for this for a long time: a way to install Android apps that would run on Windows 10 without having to take a huge compatibility hit. This workaround, or this hack, has been in the works for a while, and it is now just a matter of time before it is released and tested.

Since the Steam Machines reveal back in November, several new companies have stepped into the ring with their own takes on a gaming PC that runs Windows 10. At CES, one of the leading contenders was shown off in a brief demo that, while brief, was nonetheless promising.

One of the cool things about SteamOS is how it can run Android apps on Linux, but that’s not the only way to run Android apps on Linux. One of the Linux distribution that intends to bring Android apps to Linux is  Linux Mint . However, there’s one thing that makes it difficult for people to use Linux Mint on their Android devices: it doesn’t add Android support to the Linux kernel, which means that Android apps can’t be run on Linux Mint.

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  • In December 2021, Valve plans to release the Steam Deck, a portable gaming device.
  • You can now take your Steam library with you wherever you go, on a current, cutting-edge device.
  • Everyone is now asking if this device will run on Microsoft’s future operating system.
  • Users are eager to install Android apps on Valve’s new Steam Deck portable gaming system, which runs Windows 11.


Users are already wondering about the next step after seeing Windows 11 running on a variety of platforms, including smartphones, Surface devices, the Raspberry Pi4, a wide range of foldable devices, and Hades Canyon PCs.

And there’s no other gadget that comes to mind when we think of handheld gadgets than the already well-known Steam Deck.

It already supports the Windows 10 operating system, as we all know. What about Windows 11, on the other hand?

What is a Steam Deck gadget, exactly?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Steam Deck, it is a portable gaming device created by Valve that operates on strong hardware and offers a fantastic on-the-go gaming experience.

Because Valve has not yet released the commercial item, you can only reserve Steam Deck for the time being. It will be available starting December 2021.

Everyone is looking forward to the new experience, which includes a bespoke Steam OS that is fast and fluid.

Many customization options are available, including support for game mods.

It has a 4-core AMD CPU and the latest RDNA 2 architecture GPU, therefore it will run AAA games really well.

Especially because the developers focused on 720p resolution, which is more than plenty for a 7-inch screen.


Is Steam Deck going to work with Windows 11?

According to certain internet sources, it is feasible to fully wipe the Steam OS and install a fresh copy of Windows on it.

However, we haven’t received any confirmation on whether Windows 11 will be supported on the Steam Deck as of yet.

The vast majority of users are optimistic that the Steam Deck will be able to run Microsoft’s new operating system without issue, allowing them to play some fantastic Android games.

As expected, this topic created a flurry of discussion throughout social media platforms, as everyone is now intrigued by new possibilities.

We already know that Windows 11 will enable native Android apps, and many people are eager to give it a try.

Amazon has committed to put in the work and deliver AAB compatibility for Windows 11 after Google chose to convert the program format from APK to AAB.

So, which options do we have for running Android apps on Windows 11? The first and most straightforward option is to run Android apps natively on the forthcoming OS, as Microsoft has stated that this would be possible.

Another alternative is to utilize an Android emulator to download and play the games we desire.

However, because these devices are not yet available, what we know about running Windows 11 on the Steam Deck is purely guesswork.

So, until we get our hands on a real device, it’s difficult to say if it’ll work. Unless someone manages to procure such a device and successfully installs the latest OS on it.

Have you already made a reservation for a Steam Deck? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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So I was listening to a podcast the other day about the new Steam Box, which is a device that runs Steam for the PC, and allows you to play games on it. And I looked at the picture ( ), which is of a Steam Box but it is not the one that is being shown. The one being shown is a different one. And I looked on the Steam site and there were some pictures of what the Steam Box is supposed to look like. And it is very clearly a Windows PC. (UPDATE: Click here to see the actual picture.) That’s the best picture I could find ( Read more about steam deck windows games and let us know what you think.

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