Best WordPress Download Manager Plugin? (2021)

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So let’s say you’re a wp user and you want to download speed, but your internet is slow, some plugin is holding up, or maybe the speed of your internet varies too much. So you start looking around for an awesome wp download manager plugin. You find a lot of them, and you install them, but they all seem to be slow, or they don’t work with all the wp themes you like. So you give up on the plugins and go back to what you know. Or maybe you do, and you try out the plugins again and they do exactly what you want. The problem is, they are too clunky, or they don’t work with the themes you use, or they’re too big for

I have tried other plugins in the past that claim to help download faster on WordPress, and none of them worked well. I was looking for something that would let me download up to 100mb, and worked well without slowing down my site, and this one did just that. I have been using the plugin for about a month and a half, and it has proven to work well and has helped my site load without slowing it down.. Read more about free wordpress download manager and let us know what you think.If you offer file uploads on your WordPress website, you’re probably looking for an efficient way to manage, track and control access to those files.

WordPress makes it easy to add uploads to your pages/articles, but it doesn’t give you enough options to properly manage your resources. Fortunately, there are dedicated download management plugins that can help you better organize and manage your downloads.

WP File Download is a powerful download management plugin that provides drag and drop file functionality. You can use it to upload files and categorize them for easy access from your WordPress CMS.

Great, but how does it work?

In this WP File Download review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the plugin and discuss how to use its various features.

Overall, I liked using this plugin and found the interface easy to navigate because the upload manager is integrated into the WordPress dashboard.

Let’s go!

Download example of WP file: Quick overview of functions

WP File Download is a complete solution for organizing and managing all your files. It makes it possible:

  • Upload new files and delete existing files
  • Import of files downloaded via FTP
  • Label files for organization
  • Drag and drop files from one place to another
  • Restrict access to files
  • Search for files by creation date
  • Viewing version history
  • Download files remotely

As a download manager, WP File Download allows you to download :

  • Access to download statistics, including data for custom date ranges.
  • Receive email notifications when certain files are downloaded
  • Adding load buttons to the frontend content

In addition, WP File Download offers integration with third-party builders. You can integrate it with Elementor, Divi Builder, Themify Builder, etc.

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Practical work with WPDownload file

Now that you have an idea of the features of WP File Download, let’s move on to the practical use of the plugin.

Set up WP file upload

First, install the plugin by going to your WordPress control panel and choosing Plugins → Add New. Now download the zip file of the plugin and click Install Now.

Once installed and activated, WP File Download will ensure that the plugin is compatible with your server configuration. Then you must choose a topic from the four suggested:

After that, you have the option to customize the theme to suit your needs. You can make some changes, for example. B. Change the color of the download link or skip this part and continue.

WP file upload settings

Before looking at the interface of the plugin, we will go through the settings.

First, open the settings by going to your WordPress dashboard and clicking WP File Upload → Configuration.

This will take you to the Main Settings tab where you can change various settings. This includes controlling the types of files that can be opened with the front-end viewer, tracking downloads by users, etc.

The other parameters are :

  • Search and download: This option allows you to customize the search option to make it easier to find files. You can also use it to generate a shortcode for uploading files.
  • Topics: If you want to replace or change an existing theme, use this setting.
  • E-mail notification : Here you can choose to receive email notifications when a new file is uploaded or added.

Next I will show you how the different WP file upload functions work.

WP File manager Download

To manage the files, you need to add them to WP File Download.

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First click on the large New button to create a new category.

The WP File Manager allows you to create different categories to make it easier to find files in the future. You can save files in different categories depending on the project. Click Select Files to upload new files, or drag a set of files directly from your desktop to the WP file upload interface.

Once the files are uploaded, they are displayed in the user interface, along with some additional information (such as the date they were added). From there, organizing files becomes a matter of drag and drop:

The plugin also allows for massive manipulation of files, like on the desktop. Use Ctrl + click or click Select All, then drag all the files together or use the grouping options to move the files.

Edit File

WP File Download provides files with custom settings. You can see them in the fold-out sidebar on the right. Allow settings :

  • Change the name
  • Add a file description
  • Changing the status of the publication
  • Change the file type
  • Viewing download statistics
  • Assign a file to multiple categories
  • Download a new version of the file
  • And much more.

Treatment category

As for files, the plugin lets you customize more detailed settings for each category. You can:

  • Change the order of the categories
  • Change visibility
  • Use the shortcode to show the category at the frontend.

Search for files in WP Download

Searching for files is very easy with this plugin.

You can search for files by name and choose to search all categories or only a specific category:

Provide a download option forfiles

Let’s move on to interesting things: With WP File Download, you can easily display the file download option on your website.

Just take a shortcode for a file and place it on any page. Your visitors can then download the file to their computer.

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You can also specify categories for the download. To do this, create a short code for the entire category and paste it into the web page. In this case, users can download multiple zip files from this category.

If you’re using WordPress 5.0 and have access to the Gutenberg block editor, it gets a lot easier. With WP File Download, you have two blocks, one for individual files and one for file categories. ‘

Paste these blocks – and voila, you’ve created downloadable files without leaving the editor.

Are you using the classic WordPress editor? No problem. WP File Download also provides buttons in this editor to make inserting files as easy as possible:

What the charges on the leading edge look like

After publishing a page or post using the file upload feature, buttons to view and upload the file appear on the front panel.

If you have embedded an entire category, the front panel shows more detailed information about each file, as well as preview or download options:

Allow visitors to search for files

To improve the visitor’s experience, you can also provide an external search engine that allows your visitors to search and filter all available files.

Go to your WordPress dashboard, then click on Configuration under WP File Upload. Now click on SHORTCODES and get the shortcode from the search engine shortcode generator:

You can integrate this short code into your website. Visitors can use the various search and filter options you offer.

Enable file downloading

Not only can you allow visitors to upload files, but you can also allow them to upload files in any of your categories.

To do this, you need to add a short code that displays the download form in the frontend of your website.

Go to the Configuration page and click on SHORTCODES. Here you can select the category for which you want to offer the download of the Download Form shortcode generator.

Now copy and paste the shortcode into any page or post to display the download form.

This is what it can look like for your visitors:

Access to file download statistics

WP File Download also allows you to track which files have been downloaded by users, provided they are logged into their WordPress account at the time of download.

Go to WP File Download → Download Statistics, and you can see the total download statistics for your entire site.

You can also select specific files or categories using the drop-down list at the top left of the screen.

You can also integrate the plugin with Google Analytics, which helps you analyze your download data.

Download extensions in WP file

As a premium plugin, WP File Download offers additional features for those who purchase their premium plan. These include:

Cloud Connectors – allows you to connect and sync your file manager with Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. Then you can upload files to WP File Download and manage them through cloud services.

Social Locker – Allows you to add a social locker for Twitter and Facebook. Visitors must like or share content on your social media pages in order to download files. This tactic will increase your company’s social engagement.

WP file download price

WP File Download offers three price levels:

  • Start: $29 for use on unlimited sites + 6 months support/upgrades (without add-ons)
    Pro: $39 for use on unlimited sites + 12 months support/upgrades (without add-ons)
  • Pro+Advanced: $69 for use on unlimited sites + 12 months support/upgrades + access to all add-ons.

Latest thoughts on uploading WP files

A download manager for WordPress is a great way to organize and manage your downloads.

With WP File Download you can control how you organize your files, view download statistics and let visitors download files from your site.

Overall, the plugin gives you all the features you need to save time. And thanks to a simple interface, you and your visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

Try downloading the WP file

Downloading big files is a fact of life. However, it is a fact that doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are all sorts of tools that will help you download large files faster and more efficiently.. Read more about wp file download and let us know what you think.

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