How to Repair Xbox One X Error Code 0x800704cf

The Xbox One X is out, and as expected, it’s a beast of a machine. It has great hardware, matched with the most powerful games of any console. But, the machine is not perfect. When you power up the Xbox One X, you will get Error Code 0x800704cf. The error isn’t too serious, but it can affect the functionality of your Xbox One X. If you are having issues with your Xbox One X, then this post will guide you to the solutions.

Have you ever bought an Xbox One X and noticed the error code 0x800704cf pops up when you try to connect to Xbox Live? This is caused by a hardware failure of the X1 Xslero.

The Xbox One X is powerful, but it has its share of flaws, and if you’ve experienced one of them, you’ll want to know how to fix a variety of issues, such as the dreaded Xbox One X Error Code 0x800704cf or the infamous Xbox One X “Error Code 0x800704cf FIX”.

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Error code 00704cf indicates that there is a network problem that is preventing you from logging in to your Xbox account. The same error may occur if the console cannot run your favorite games due to network issues.

The error message is as follows:

You need internet to play the game. It doesn’t look like you’re connected to the internet. Check the connection and try again. 00704cf`.

What causes the 00704cf error code on the Xbox One X?

According to Xbox’s website, Xbox One error 00704cf occurs most often when your console has network issues. However, there are other factors that can cause this error code, which are explained below.

Lack of internet connection on your console: The most common cause of Xbox One error 00704cf is that your console is not connected to the internet. To access your account, make sure your console has an internet connection.

Problem with the Xbox server: Downtime of the Xbox server may cause an error code that prevents a user from accessing their account. In this case, you may need to access your account at a later time once the error has been corrected.

Wireless connection interrupted : If the radio connection is lost, the console may display error code 00704cf. To avoid problems, the connection to the device must be stable and the speed must be at least the minimum required.

Other Xbox services are not working: The issue may also be caused by the failure of other Xbox services that are not part of Xbox Live Core, but do affect Xbox Live accounts.

How do I fix Xbox One X error code 00704cf?

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Check Xbox server status

Chances are your server is down or under maintenance.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to check the status of the Xbox server to determine if the problem is on your end or on the server’s end.

Clear console memory

By clearing temporary errors or the console cache, you can fix most problems in no time. Don’t worry, your profile will not be deleted.

  1. Go to Xbox Settings -> select All Settings.
  2. In the left pane, select System -> Select Memory.
  3. Now you need to select Xbox 360 Clear Local Storage.
  4. When prompted, confirm the operation and wait for it to complete.
  5. Then restart the console.

Xbox One console upgrade (offline)

  1. Download the offline system file from the official Xbox website to your computer.
  2. Unzip the file and copy the $SystemUpdate file to the USB flash drive.
  3. Now disconnect the mains voltage and the mains lead (if present). Make sure your console is turned off.
  4. Wait at least 30 seconds, then reconnect all cables and turn on the console.
  5. Then press the Eject and Pair buttons simultaneously until you hear the first beep.
  6. Then press the Xbox button and wait for the second beep (do not release the buttons at this time).
  7. Release both buttons and wait for the console to boot into troubleshooting mode.
  8. Now go to the controller menu -> Connect the USB stick to the console.
  9. Select the offline upgrade option -> Wait for the process to begin and end.
  10. Then restart the console and remove the USB key.

Check network status

  1. Go to the main menu of the Xbox One X console.
  2. Select Settings -> Xbox settings -> Network -> Network settings.
  3. Select Xbox Network Settings -> Now select Detailed Network Statistics.
  4. Select Detailed Xbox Network Stats -> Here you can see the internet speed and performance, etc.

If your network bandwidth or speed is not sufficient to handle the Internet package, you should contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for assistance.

Delete other WLAN MAC address

  1. Select Menu on the main console screen.
  2. Select Settings -> Select General Settings.
  3. Select Network Settings -> Select Advanced Settings.
  4. Select Other wireless MAC address.
  5. Select Delete and confirm with Yes.
  6. Select Restart Console to save your changes.

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frequently asked questions

I will start this article by explaining the booting process of Xbox One X. The process of booting the Xbox One X is very simple, you just need to press the power button for 2-3 seconds and then the Xbox One X will boot up. The error code of Xbox One X after hard boot is 0x800704cf. The error code is not a hardware error, but a software error.. Read more about 0x800704cf xbox series x and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my Xbox error code 0x800704cf?

If you are experiencing an Xbox error code 0x800704cf, the most common cause is a corrupt or damaged hard drive. If your Xbox is still under warranty, contact Microsoft for assistance.

What does 0x800704cf mean on Xbox?

This error code is a result of the Xbox Live service being unavailable.

How do I fix error 0x87dd0019?

This error is caused by a corrupt or missing file. You can try to repair the file using Windows Explorer.

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